Tips for maintaining physical readiness during COVID-19

As health protection measures around the world remain elevated due to the coronavirus outbreak, how does someone maintain physical readiness while adhering to social distancing guidelines?

“You need to perform functional-movement type of exercises,” said Mark Reiswig, the director of the Army Wellness Center at Landstuhl. “Really it’s anything you can do to increase your mobility while increasing your strength. You need to perform those types of exercises to have a good mobile lifestyle.”

Reiswig says he’s heard of creative ways folks are staying in shape as gyms continue to stay closed.

“There are things you can do with everyday items” he said. “For example, doing squats while holding a big bag of dog food. There are tire flips, there are pull-up bars, there are all types of things you can do six-feet apart from each other that don’t require going into a gym.”


Author: Dian Welle