TikTok Showing Soldier Pointing Loaded Pistol at Buddy Prompts Army Probe

A video clip circulating on social media appears to be proof the U.S. military can’t stress weapons safety enough. But the former soldier who posted it says it’s all a joke — albeit one that triggered an Army criminal investigation.

The short clip, posted on TikTok and reshared by the Twitter account @RecruitingTruth, shows an Army specialist locking the slide of an M9 9mm pistol to the rear to ensure it’s clear and then placing it in front of another soldier, who is recording the video.

“Here you go, Sergeant; it’s clear,” the specialist says, turning his back and walking away.

The other soldier shows the camera a magazine apparently loaded with live ammunition, inserts the magazine into the pistol, then picks the weapon up and releases the slide forward to chamber a live round.


Author: Dian Welle