A Lifelong Connection

The mission of WP-ORG is to support communication between West Point graduates, societies and parent clubs, fostering connections that last a lifetime.

Today, I’m reaching out to ask for your support so that WP-ORG can continue in this mission.

To make a donation, please go to:  https://www.west-point.org/donate

West Point has produced leaders, warriors, and visionaries who have served our country with distinction. The bonds formed during the rigorous years at the academy are like no other, transcending time, distance, and challenges. These connections are the backbone of a network that multiplies the impact of West Point graduates on the world.

Your contribution to WP-ORG plays a crucial role in our efforts to support the Long Gray Line.

Through our various forums, we create opportunities for West Point classes, societies and parent clubs to connect with each other, helping to strengthen personal and professional relationships and create a supportive community. 

WP-ORG facilitates events and reunions by providing not only email listservs for communication and planning, but also by providing credit card sites to easily handle your event / reunion registration fees, etc.  The Class of 1968 recently celebrated their 55th reunion, and the assistance given us by WP-ORG was incomparable – and having 24/7 access to the reunion databases made reunion planning and coordination much easier.

On a personal note, I became affiliated with WP-ORG in 2000, when our older son entered West Point.  Despite being the spouse of a grad, it was clear Plebe-Net was my “lifeline to sanity” during the early days of Cadet Basic Training.  As my son (and subsequently sons) moved through West Point, I became a moderator on the Plebe Net and Parent Forum, becoming part of a large community of welcoming parents who shared common interests.  When my husband’s Class looked for more administrative assistance, I was “volunteered” to handle some of the logistics for his Class – a task that could not have been accomplished without the help of WP-ORG.  Now, as the members of the Class enter a different phase of their lives, they have started a “Caregiver Initiative” – again, utilizing the services of WP-ORG. Throughout the years, WP-ORG resources have kept us in touch with the hundreds of Class of ’68 grads who have lifted us up, cheered us on and just been there – The Long Gray Line – a lifelong connection. 

Your support will directly impact our ability to continue drawing the West Point community together and helping to keep the storied West Point network thriving and vibrant.

To make a donation, please visit https://www.west-point.org/donate.

Many thanks for your support!
Megan Hostler
WP-ORG Advisor

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WP-ORG: A West Point Community Project

Good Morning, WP-ORG! Fund Drive 54 is off to a great start, currently at 48.5% of our $48,752.00 goal. Donation Report: https://secure.west-point.org/donate/report/

Budget: https://www.west-point.org/budget/

Please consider a donation: https://www.west-point.org/donate

Over the past 25 years WP-ORG has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of the West Point community. In the last couple of years, much of that evolution has been under the hood. Taking advantage of newer technologies we have revamped our network internally to become more flexible, secure, stable and redundant. All of which positions WP-ORG to continue to support the West Point community for years to come.

What started out as a side hobby back in the mid 90’s has brought tens of thousands of West Point graduates and parents together in a shared purpose of celebrating the West Point story. That WP-ORG is still serving after so many years is a legacy to the vision of those who saw the potential in bringing the West Point community together online, to the enthusiasm of all who donated in the early years and in all the years since, and to the dedication of all those who volunteer every day to serve their classmates and fellow parents through WP-ORG.

Most importantly, WP-ORG is brought to life by those who find it to be useful for some purpose: a west-point.org email address, a platform through which to plan parent club events, a source of continuing connection with classmates, a payment site for collecting society dues, a place to remember and eulogize classmates, a platform for hosting a society or parent club website, or an email list to debate any issue within the graduate community.

WP-ORG is a West Point community project. It lives to serve. It has a thousand beating hearts.

With your help, WP-ORG will remain a valuable resource for the graduates of tomorrow.

Megan Klein

WP-ORG Fund Drive 54 Kickoff

Dear West Point Community, 

Today WP-ORG launches Fund Drive 54:  https://www.west-point.org/donate/

As we begin our semi-annual fundraising campaign, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Your generosity has been the backbone of our mission for nearly three decades.  

Since our inception, our purpose has been clear: to create a robust online communications infrastructure that strengthens the bonds among graduates, parents, and friends of the United States Military Academy.  From managing email lists and overseeing dedicated volunteers, to orchestrating reunions and crafting websites, every endeavor echoes our collective love for our Alma Mater and its alumni.  

Over the past 27 years, we’ve stood by over 40,000 living graduates and their networks.  It’s a journey that began for me personally with my graduation in 1996, and it’s a privilege to be part of this tapestry of tradition and unity.  

Every six months, we turn to you.  Your contributions are the lifeblood that ensures every cadet, alumni, and West Point enthusiast continues to find the stories, resources, and connections that resonate.  Together, let’s ensure that the spirit of the Long Gray Line endures in the digital realm.  Remember, every gift, big or small, weaves into this legacy.  

With profound gratitude,  

Cameron Price 
USMA 1996

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Army West Point Athletic Association, the legal entity that administers the military academy’s Division I sports programs, has begun turning over the first batch of what could eventually be thousands of pages of financial and contractual records that it has previously refused to make public.

The academy’s intercollegiate sports arm had long snubbed Freedom of Information Act requests, claiming it is not subject to federal disclosure laws.