New Museum Tells the Story of the U.S. Army

The National Museum of the United States Army officially opened today at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is the first museum to tell the entire story of the Army, which has existed since June 14, 1775 — even before the existence of the United States itself.

The Army “has been a force for profound good in our world,” said Acting Defense Secretary Christopher C. Miller, who spoke at the museum’s opening event.

“From the fields of Lexington [and] Concord to the hills of San Juan and from the cliffs of Normandy to the Korangal Valley, more than 30 million brave men and women have donned the Army uniform to fight for freedom at home and abroad,” Miller said. “For more than 240 years, they made innumerable contributions to our nation and the world — not just in combat, but also in humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, international cooperation and other vital missions. Their feats are enshrined throughout this museum.”


Author: Dian Welle