Moderator Listserv Information

The moderator listserv is used by the moderators of listservs serviced by WP-ORG. 

This list is available to list owners only. It is established as a means for the owner/moderator of the various lists in WP-ORG to communicate and exchange ideas, plan for events, and discuss issues concerning the maintenance and development of WP-ORG.  Each listserv has an accompanying web page.

Each moderator follows these simple by-laws: 

  • Be a point of contact for a given list.
  • Be a chairperson of a list — that means, accountable for the conduct of members. 
  • Be a keeper of the membership list — that is, approve or deny membership and keep the membership addresses prestine.
  • Be a mentor to a new moderator.

For information, please email to and one of the veteran users will respond to you (if not several). 

Aspiring Moderators

If you aspire to become a moderator, please contact moderator-owner@west-point.orgWe are always looking for someone to sponsor listservs or homepages for the following groups: 

  • USMA Classes
  • West Point Parents
  • West Point Societies
  • Academy Clubs
  • Local Networking Groups

A new moderator will receive the following by e-mail:

  • The listserv name
  • listserv passwd
  • listserv Owners
  • URL for the web page associated with the listserv
  • FTP access 
  • Owner Username/Passwd
  • Name and email of your moderator mentor

Moderator Resources

Note that many of these pages require the username and password of the specific moderator in order to access them: