McMillan: Army seniors race towards finish line in unusual 2020

WEST POINT – With every passing day, the Corps of Cadets at West Point draw closer to graduation, the end of a 47-month journey that will literally transform their lives forever.

You don’t necessarily need a calendar to track the progression, but there are milestone occasions that mark the time.

It starts with R-Day, or Reception Day, when the plebes, or incoming freshmen, arriving at West Point. A-Day, or Acceptance Day, comes at the end of basic training, and Plebe Parent Weekend is the first opportunity for the newest cadets to take a deep breath and reacquaint themselves with family.

The Yearlings, or sophomore class, have a Winter Weekend dedicated to them. The 500th Night banquet marks exactly that, the number of days remaining until graduation for the Cows, or junior class members.


Author: Dian Welle