Fund Drive 47 Week 1

WP-ORG Members:

We hope that each of you continue to be safe and secure during this COVID-19 outbreak and are focusing on the things most important to you at this time.

In April, we sent out an email to let you know that we were delaying the start of our semi-annual fund drive due to the impact of the virus to each other and the economy. WP-ORG operates on donated funds collected every six months from those that find value in the services we provide grads, societies, parents clubs, and other friends of our nation’s oldest military academy. The donated funds from the October 2019 fund drive theoretically ran through March 2020 and we would have normally started Fund Drive 47 in April. However, WP-ORG chose to buckle down, examine every expenditure, and stretch our dollars as far as possible – just as many of you were doing.

We feel that we need to start that fund drive to keep WP-ORG continuing its mission. WP-ORG also understands that many of our members may not be in the position to donate at this time, but some are. For those that are not in a position at this time, that is understandable and we want to emphasize that no one is required to send in any money in order to utilize our email lists, web sites, and other services. WP-ORG has — and always will be — funded by donations from those that have seen value and have the funds to spare during that six-month budget cycle. We help each other carry the load.

Here is what we plan to do:

(1) We will publish our original April – September 2020 budget.
(2) Instead of sending weekly emails until the goal is met, we will instead send four (4) weekly messages to our entire membership asking for donations.
(3) WP-ORG will close the fund drive after those four weeks and operate until October on the monies that we raised.
(4) In October, we will start the next fund drive as we normally do, with the hope that the pandemic situation — and its economic repercussions — has improved.

Please donate if you can at  We’re here to serve in any capacity that we can.

Warren Hearnes ’89
for WP-ORG Advisors

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Author: Dian Welle