Communication Is The Key

It’s safe to say the past several months have brought unprecedented upheaval in our lives. Covid-19, varying stages of lockdown and social distancing orders have left many feeling isolated from friends and family. 

West-Point.Org was founded to facilitate communication between grads. Over the years its offerings have expanded beyond just email listservs and its audience now includes academy parents and the greater West Point community. Even after all these years, the key reason for WP-ORG’s existence remains COMMUNICATION.    

Now, more than ever, we need each other. Founders Day has been cancelled, society and club meetings have been called off, as have dinner parties, happy hour gatherings after work, and traditional summer travel. When so many other doors to community gatherings are slammed shut, WP-ORG is a constant open line of communication, strengthening the Long Gray Line. A backdoor, encouraging the West Point family to grip hands as we always have – to reach out, to touch base, to reconnect with each other.

In addition to Class listservs for grads and the various forums for parents, you may find one or both of this lists interesting to participate in:

wp-forum (graduate only list)

political-soapbox (open to all members)

Please be mindful that opinions can be expressed “forcefully” on both forums, so participation in these communities is not for the faint of heart.  You can be assured, however, that you will be challenged intellectually.

West-Point.Org also hosts websites for many West Point Classes, Societies and Parent Clubs. If you need a new website built for your Class, Society or Club, please feel free to contact us at <>  We are here to help you!
Remain positive.  Send a note to say hello.  Be there for each other.  West-Point.Org has provided the platform; your donation keeps it running. 

Please contribute if you can:

Megan Hostler
for WP-ORG Advisors

Author: Dian Welle