WP-ORG: Safe, secure communication alive and relevant

Communication is the key to keeping West Point alive and relevant – within the Class, Societies, Parents Clubs ….and across the generations.
In the very early days of the internet, WP-Org was created to facilitate communication by and between West Point grads. Simply put, WP-Org was in the forefront of internet communication.  Safe, secure communication.  Admittedly, over the past two decades, many other internet based modes of communication have gained popularity – and I certainly use them – with caution.  However, when on the WP-Org sites, I don’t worry that my personal information will be harvested, nor am I bothered by ads that pop up because I clicked on a link.  I know that when using the WP-Org email lists and websites, all is secure.

There’s great value to  all the other social media platforms that we use and enjoy (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)  and with it’s customized, easy to use services, WP-Org can serve as the central hub for Classes, Societies and Parent Groups as the permanent repository and “action site” for events and information. I have personally appreciated the 24/7 support and access to relevant databases when helping coordinate events – big and small.  
My husband’s Class celebrated their 50th reunion last May – and frankly, were it not for the many services offered by WP-Org (email lists, web pages, credit card sites) the reunion would have been much more costly as we would have had to pay someone to manage the reunion for us.  With the help of WP-Org and the forbearance of Dutch’s classmates, all enjoyed a fantastic multi-day event.  

Similarly, the West Point Society of Hawaii just completed another successful Founders Day event with over 260 attendees – and looks forward to using the services of WP-Org for their upcoming Army v. Hawaii football events.  

WP-Org is also known for its incredible customer service, with a “live” person answering your call or email 24/7. There hasn’t been a time that I could not reach out to either of the WP-Org employees (yes, only two keep everything humming along) and get immediate resolution of my issue or question.

When you combine the customer service with the secure services offered, there is no doubt in my mind that WP-Org continues to offer a true value to all those affiliated with the West Point community.  Please help us continue to serve you.

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And now – how you can donate and keep WP-Org serving you for the next six months:  

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Many thanks,
Megan Hostler
WP-Org Advisor

WP-ORG: The Story that Begins with West Point


Last Sunday we kicked off Fund Drive 45. As I write, we’re at 34% : ) Fantastic!

Let’s keep it going. Here is the link: https://secure.west-point.org/howtodonate.html

This morning I’m sitting in my dark office, watching the morning rays of sun illuminate springtime in the Texas Hillcountry. The trees are newly leafed; the grass already tall and in need of mowing. Bluebonnets have sprouted in lush bunches straight out of the rocks in my driveway. Mockingbirds are singing and screeching and tangling with each other midair like drunk pinwheels.

I’m opening yesterday’s postal mail, much of it donations for WP-ORG this time of year. One in about every ten contains a handwritten note along with a check. The last envelope today, postmarked from Hawaii, was from a Class of ’48 Grad who wrote, “Thanks for your great service to all our graduates. We of ’48 have just over 40 still with us but, of them, many are users of your service. Aloha.”

And that, right there, is why we do what we do. Human relationships are the most valuable things we can nurture in life. And nearly 71 years after graduation, these classmates and lifelong friends are continuing to weave the story of the Class of 1948, using services provided by WP-ORG, supported by donations from all those who appreciate West Point.

What we are doing at WP-ORG is good and valuable. And everything WP-ORG is was built on your support. Please donate to Fund Drive 45 so we can continue, as a community, to write the story that begins with West Point.

Megan Klein

Fund Drive 45 Donation Link: http://www.west-point.org/donate

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Thank you for your support!

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WP-ORG’s Fund Drive 45 Starts Today!

It’s Spring, and again time to ask for your support to fund WP-ORG services for the next six months. Fund Drive 45 begins today. Our goal is $74,493.


The donation link above will accommodate checks, credit cards, PayPal, and stock donations. If you plan to make a donation, we encourage you to make it early to help us close out FD45 in just a month. For those who prefer to donate by check, our new postal address is:

c/o Megan Klein
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All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Our FD45 budget: http://www.west-point.org/budget/

— chart of budgets dating back to 2000:

In addition to your donations, WP-ORG is backed by over a hundred volunteers who donate magnificent efforts as listserve moderators and as webmasters. We especially thank them, without whom we could not function. There is no other venue where a dollar donated does more for our West Point community than these fund drives.

From its inception over 20 years ago, WP-ORG’s services have been wholly funded by its members’ donations. Your donations make WP-ORG services possible. Please donate to Fund Drive 45 by credit card, check, or PayPal:


On behalf of the Board of Advisors, WP-ORG’s volunteers, and our two employees, thank you!

Dian Welle
WP-ORG, Inc.

PHP software upgrade…or what happened to our West-Point.org JOOMLA site?

As you were aware from prior warning(s), WP-ORG scheduled major changes to our servers.  We needed to phase out older versions of JOOMLA (e.g., version 1.5) so that we can upgrade our PHP software on the server. We did that yesterday, converting over to a platform that allows for very powerful WordPress websites.  We no longer support old/insecure JOOMLA sites.  If we host your Society or class page, and it was built on JOOMLA, that site will no longer show when you click on your URL. 

  • What happened to my older version JOOMLA site?
    • Your old documents are not lost. Everything was backed up. We can place many of your menus/stories into WordPress for you.
    • We can convert your current JOOMLA site to a WordPress site, and assist you in learning how to use it.  If you can use a computer, you can manage a WordPress site.  It really is that user friendly.
    • If you opt to convert your JOOMLA site into WordPress, your existing articles will be moved into WordPress, but may lose their current formatting.  
    • Images will be saved, but must be managed with a WordPress Image Plugin of your choosing.  
    • There is no fee for us to convert your site to WordPress.  All you need to do is ask us to switch you over. (write to us at feedback@west-point.org)

These changes will not affect HTML websites.