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Graduation Week Activities


On Graduation morning the plebes are promoted in rank to Private First Class and are now Yearlings (Yuk or 3rd cadets).  This new promotion and becoming a Yearling will render a sense of accomplishment.  Getting 3 weeks of leave from West Point for a well deserved summer leave also helps.

All cadets MUST remain at West Point until after the graduation exercises have been concluded. Cadets are usually released between noon and 2:00 p.m. on graduation day. Cadets will need to deposit their gear at Camp Buckner before leaving. Your cadet will have instructions on when and where they will be able to depart.

After completion of the summer Cadet Field Training (CFT) at Camp Buckner your cadet will be promoted to the rank of Corporal in the United States Corp of Cadets [USCC]. It is at this promotion that the newly promoted cadet corporals are “recognized” by the upperclassmen. They are now recognized and accepted as upperclassmen. They can now be addressed by their first name. They finally have all of the rights and privileges that the upperclassmen have. This will be a high point and a major milestone.

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