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Mailing & Shipping

On R-Day, you will be able to get your candidates' company assignment and P.O. Box number.  Mail your first letter to your candidate.

Mail from home is extremely important during Beast and the entire first year. Make out post cards, envelopes or address labels with your new cadet's address and send them out to their friends and relatives. Keep your letters upbeat. Be as newsy as possible.  Comics are usually a big hit with the rest of the squad.
            Give your new cadet an address book with family and friends' addresses, important dates, pre-stamped envelopes and writing paper before they go to R-Day. DON'T EXPECT A LOT OF MAIL FROM THEM. New cadets have almost no time to write.
Before you leave for R-Day write an upbeat letter to your son or daughter. You will receive their address at an information booth immediately following your New Cadets exit. Funny, encouraging, upbeat greeting cards are also a good idea anytime.
            MAKE SURE your mail is addressed to "New Cadet <last name only>" during Beast.  You will be able to get your candidates' company assignment and P.O. Box number on R-Day.
It is only after Acceptance Day that your cadet will have a first name included on their mail (i.e. Cadet John Doe)
            Make sure everyone (friends, family, everyone) follows these guidelines to save your cadet any grief as a result of inappropriately addressed mail.
An excellent rule of thumb - always use only white envelopes when sending letters to your New Cadet. Stay away from colors. Your cadet is trying to blend in, be invisible, and not stand out.
Cadets like to know what is going on back home so cut out news items or stories about their High Schools to send along with a letter because they get no outside news. Being informed about what is happening in the news is an excellent way for your new cadet to keep his “table commandant” happy. And a happy “table commandant” translates into better fed cadets.

When shipping or mailing via US Mail use the following address:

  • (Cadet John Doe)
    (Do not use the first name until after Acceptance Day)
    P.O. Box <cadet's PO #>
    West Point, NY 10997
    When shipping by UPS, FedEx or DHL use the following address:
  • Cadet ________________
    P.O. Box _________
    745 Brewerton Road
    West Point, NY 10997

Once CBT has ended, keep those cards and letters coming. Now that the academic year has started you can send BOODLE BOXES - those care packages from home with HOMEMADE cookies, candy, snacks, etc.  Keep including local sports and news articles. The first boodle box could also contain an airtight, plastic container to hold future food such as baked goods from home or items delivered by specialty shops in the West Point area. Your cadet will know the size container that they have room for as storage space is severely limited. Cadets can also purchase boodle box containers at the Cadet Store, so this may be the best way to handle getting a boodle box.
            One of the most efficient ways to ship items to USMA from Alaska is to use the priority [3-4 days] “Flat Rate” boxes available through the postal service. For $8.10 you may ship everything you can fit into the box [2 sizes available] regardless of weight. Your cadet will have to go and pick up the package from their P.O. Box location when he/she checks for letters.
Items shipped via UPS go through WP security screening and then directly to Central Guard and is picked up each day for each company and delivered to the company area. It takes up to 5 - 7 days for UPS from Alaska.  UPS will not accept packages for PO Boxes.

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