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Year By Year At West Point

Each year brings its own new experiences and challenges to West Point cadets. We have a page for each class to show what they will be experiencing during that year as well as to give you specific information that will be helpful during your cadets time at the Academy.

Please visit each class page and the page for the USMA Prep School as well as links to the memory pages we have available for the last decade of West Point year classes. Pages for more previous years classes pages may be found on the West Point web site.

Class Crests and Memory Page

During the fall of their plebe year a class crest will be designed to represent that class throughout their time at the Academy. A cadet committee is directly responsible for creating this crest. The links below take you directly to the West Point class memory pages.

2010 Memory Page

2010 crest

2009 Memory Page


2008 Memory Page


2007 Memory Page

2008 class crest

2006 Memory Page


2005 Memory Page

2005 class crest

2004 Memory Page

2004 class crest

2003 Memory Page

2003 class crest

2002 Memory Page

2002 class crest

2001 Memory Page

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