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West Point has several different calendars available to help you know what is happening during the year for your cadet. The Academic Calendar will help you know exactly what is on the schedule for the academic activities. It includes the Day 1 and Day 2 schedule as well as explanations of how to read the calendar.

The Master Schedule is the official scheduling calendar and it allows you to search for all activities that may be happening on post as well as at many other locations and with many other agencies.

The Cadet Review Schedule shows all of the cadet reviews that are scheduled to occur on The Plain. It is a tentative schedule and you should confirm whether or not a review is happening before you plan to attend.

The following links are provided by West Point.org and contain information about the various leaves and holidays that are granted to cadets:

Labor Day
Columbus Day
Christmas/Winter Leave
President's Weekend
Spring Break
Summer & Other

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