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This list of links will help you and your cadet as they plan travel to and from Alaska as well as travel on the East Coast. There are times a cadet will want to "get away from it all" and will need to know about the ferry schedule across the river to the Garrison to catch the train down to New York City; or it may be that you need to know when the buses are running to the airports so that you may schedule the flights for leave. All of that information and more is available from the links listed below.

GMK Bus Schedule - The bus schedule is released in plenty of time for arrangements to be made for each holiday/leave time. The schedule changes with the USMA schedule and is available on a first come first served basis. Make sure your cadet purchases the tickets they need. It is the only way they will have a guaranteed seat when they return from vacation or leave. It is particularly important to purchase tickets for the bus after graduation because there is typically only one bus scheduled to run down to the New York airports at this time.

GMK Airport Pickup Locations - Newburgh/Stewart International, Newark/Liberty, LaGuardia and JFK are all served by the bus service

Travel Time from WP to Airports - You'll need to know this when you plan your cadet's flights.

Travel Agent for Military & Families - This is the site I've used to make many arrangements. While it shows you information in relations to military bases it will also take you to a portion of the site that offers help when there are no military bases nearby. I found their prices to be comparable with any of the online discount travel sites for accommodations.

Hillsdale Travel - These guys really work hard but if you have a travel agent who is well experienced with the intricacies of traveling to and from Alaska you may want to stay with them.

Driving Directions to/from Newark

Live Search - This site provides excellent directions as well as provides information on the traffic situation for any area you choose. This is particularly helpful when driving into, through, or from New York City to West Point.

Directions to Camp Buckner

Garrison Train Station Information

West Point Ferry

Airport Flight Delay Information - really excellent site

Metro North Train Schedule

New York Airport Shuttle

Rally Point
(cadets on travel)

New York City Tips & Info for Cadets

The Garrison House - an inn in Fort Montgomery

Town of Highland Falls

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