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Before Leaving

For R-Day

Convince your candidate to get in shape. Beast will seem much easier if they are physically prepared. What does this translate into? RUN, RUN, RUN, and then RUN.  Remind them to vary the surface they run on. Run on grass or dirt, not hard highways, to avoid shin splints. Run on golf courses, dirt roads, or high school tracks if at all possible.

Keep copies of everything that you send to West Point. Paperwork does get lost.

Travel light - Purchase items needed for R-Day. Purchase them early. Pack the bag. Practice carrying the bag around for several hours. If it’s too heavy now it will definitely be too heavy when they have to double-time it and carry it as well. Having one bag means the only one tag will have to be filled out on R-day [the first trying test under control of the cadre on R-Day.] The "Information for New Cadets and Parents Class of 2010" lists a few required items as well as gives restrictions on what may not be brought.

Make hotel/motel reservations for R-Day We highly recommend that you try to accompany your candidate to R-Day but if your family budget can handle only one trip to West Point during plebe year, then you may wish to save it for Plebe/Parent Weekend.

Register to vote - The candidate is still an Alaskan resident. Call your County Clerk's office for information and the procedure for requesting applications for absentee ballots.

Required Items to take on R-Day:

    1. Dental and medical X-Rays if sent to the candidate by the medical review board.
    2. One piece of luggage.
    3. Eyeglass security strap.
    4. West Point approved black leather quarter high shoes w/laces - WELL BROKEN IN and highly polished. Both Elmendorf and Wainwright have uniform stores that have shoes your candidate may purchase. Remember plebes are not allowed to wear the highly shined Officer style Corfam shoes.
    5. Two pairs of Army Combat Boots, Hot Weather (Tan). You are authorized to purchase two pairs and your cadet may submit for reimbursement once he arrives at West Point.  Break in shoes and boots.
    6. A pair of well-broken in running shoes - conservative colors suggested

Suggested items to take on R-Day:

  • Razor - safety razor with shaving cream or electric/battery operated
  • Wrist Watch - sturdy, inexpensive, a waterproof one with an alarm and lighted dial is suggested (preferably digital with a stopwatch). 
  • Sports bras (female candidates - clasp bras tend to fall apart)
  • Alarm clock - battery operated 
  • Small powerful penlight with extra batteries
  • Nail clipper or small key chain type pen knife - to remove threads from uniforms, a multi-purpose fold up tool works well.
  • Small lint-free cloths/rags/cotton balls for shining shoes
  • Small address/phone book (filled out - including important dates)
  • Stamps and self-addressed stamped envelopes and stationary
  • One 8x10 picture in a frame OR an 8X10 collage works well
  • Bic - type lighter - several will be needed throughout Beast Barracks
  • Chapstick  - with sunscreen is helpful
  • Band-Aids and moleskin- really optional as the medical staff are very diligent about taking care of the cadet’s feet during CBT.
  • Gold Bond medicated foot powder
  • All white crew socks 
  • Toothbrush (if you like a particular brand)
  • Zip-lock bags (gallon size) for wet clothing
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