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Plebe Parent Handbook

Your cadet is joining the oldest fraternity in the United States; joining a list that includes Lee, Grant, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Schwarzkopf. The Academy is committed to the development of leaders of character that may lead our Nation in the 21st century. Everyone at West Point wants your plebe to succeed. You may be an integral part of helping them get a great start by being prepared to help and encourage them throughout their plebe year.

The West Point Experience

West Point is not only a place or a college; it is more than both of these and in the coming months and years your child will become an adult – the Army way. They have started down the path toward life as an Army officer. West Point is the only military academy that the United States has. The other academies train Naval officer, Air Force officers, Coast Guard officers and Merchant Marine officers but not military officer. The USMA [which we will refer to as West Point henceforth] is where many officers in the Army Officer Corps are trained. It is a place of tradition where the words, “Duty, Honor, Country” truly mean something. You and your son or daughter are entering into that tradition.  

During the plebe year both you and your cadet will grow and change in ways you could’t imagine. On R-Day, June 26, 2006, your song or daughter will enter the academy as “new candidates.” By the end of that day they will be “New Cadets” and begin the Cadet Basic Training which will end August 7 when they complete March Back. During the 6 weeks between June 26 and August 7 they will have endured “Beast Barracks” and will be ready to be officially accepted into the Corps of Cadets of Acceptance Day [A-Day] on August 12.

During “Beast Barracks” many young men and women will experience things they have never done before. Learning to follow and do things the “Army way” is a big part of “Beast;” but just as your sons and daughters were chosen by the well- honed, time-proven methods that the Academy uses to choose students which will be offered appointments so too do they have the abilities to become leaders in the United States Army.

The Journey Begins

Nearly everyone who has lived the West Point experience agrees that the first year is the most difficult for both plebes and families. As you walk this path the plebe year we hope that this manual will help you by answering questions you may have and will provide some guidance in what to expect so you may help your son or daughter survive their plebe year. We hope that it will help you survive as well.
The WEST POINT PARENTS CLUB of ALASKA is a relatively new group of parents dedicated to helping the families or cadets during their time at USMA. We hope that you will join us as members. Our functions will give you an opportunity to meet other parents who are going through, or have gone through, the same experiences as you will during plebe year.

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