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Plebe Parent Weekend

If you are going to attend one event during the year, this should be it. This is the one weekend the Plebes have the post to themselves and their parents and friends. The upperclassmen are away and the work load has been lessened a bit accommodate this weekend.

During this weekend you will be given the opportunity to visit several places that you will never again be given access to revisit. The cadets will be able to have you visit their room, meet their instructors and TAC officers, and get tours of the Superintendent's Quarters, the clothing factory and other areas of West Point that are not normally open to visitors.

In mid-September you will receive a booklet with the schedule of all the events for this year.The schedule does not change a great deal from year to year.

"Must See" Suggestions:

  • Superintendent's Welcome
  • Tactical Officers' Orientation and Barracks Open House
  • Academic Department Open Houses - there may also be an opportunity to attend class with your cadet. Your cadet will have this information.
  • Cadet Review and Drill Team
  • Department of Military Instruction Open House
  • Cadet Mess Hall (Washington Hall)
  • Superintendent's House
  • Uniform Factory - many have said they are amazed by this factory
  • Arvin Gymnasium Tour
  • Physical Education Department demonstration

Other important attractions:

  • Cadet Honor Orientation
  • Center for Enhanced Performance Open House
  • Organ Recital (Cadet Chapel)
  • USMA Cemetery
  • USMA Band Concert
  • Religious services or visits to the chapels or synagogue
  • Association of Graduates Gift Shop - near Michie Stadium
  • USMA Bookstore in Thayer Hall

Banquet and Hop:

On Saturday night a banquet will be held at the Cadet Mess Hall. This is a dress occasion and the highlight of the weekend. Your cadet will receive two tickets for guests, but often there is an option to get two additional seats. However, your cadet must bring this to the attention of his/her chain of command and/or classmates/roommates whose families are not coming. The information booklet that the Academy will send you will have suggestions for the standard of dress that is appropriate. Your cadet will have already been told exactly what they are expected to wear. In general expect this to be a very upscale evening. Many men will be wearing tuxedos and many women will be in formal dresses. Neither are required but as it is a dressy occasion that is what many choose to wear. A dress suit for the men and evening clothes for the women is perfectly acceptable.***Come early and have your pictures taken before the banquet as well as find your table before the crowd arrives.***

The hop will be held at Eisenhower Hall after the banquet. Do not let the name "hop" lead you to think this is an informal event. It is a formal ball. Family members who do not get into the banquet will be able to attend the hop as there is no restriction on the number of guests that a plebe may have for the hop.

Even if your cadet doesn't want to stay for the hop they will be required to attend long enough to go through the receiving line. Even if you and your cadet have chosen not to attend the hop, we suggest that you go through the line with your cadet to meet the Academy leadership.

Scheduling Events:

Your cadet may not want to accompany you to some of the events, and several of them are scheduled during the academic day on Friday so plan on attending these events with or without your cadet. Look over the schedule you will be sent by the Academy and have a plan of action before the weekend begins.


The Academy will have shuttle buses running throughout the weekend. Where these buses will be running from will be outlined in the booklet. However, having a rental car will be helpful if your hotel is not close to the post. Having a rental car will also make it possible for you to take your cadet off base and back to your hotel room to relax and to just get away from post for a while. ***Remember that your cadet must sleep on post each night.***

Eating at Washington Hall:

Lunch, dinner and brunches on Saturday and Sunday are served at the Cadet Mess Hall. Your cadet must purchase the tickets in Taylor Hall for you to eat with them in the Mess Hall. We encourage you to take advantage of this at least once so you will be able to see the Mess Hall and its famous mural


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