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Boodle and Other Important Matters


What is boodle? Boodle is the cadet term for care packages - goodies, smoked salmon, beef jerky, extra socks, you name it they love getting it. Sending or ordering boodle is one way family and friend's of cadets can help make the time at the Academy more enjoyable. While cadets always like getting boodle, there are certain times in particular when receiving boodle will be especially appreciated by your cadet. During TEE week or right before a holiday when your cadet won't be able to fly home getting some boodle will be a very tangible way to let your cadet know that you are thinking of them.

There are several boodle companies that deliver to cadets at the Central Guard Room on post.

  • C3 or Cadets Cades and Cookies is run by a West Point wife. Their web site shows what is available or you may call them at 845.446.3003 or email them to place an order.
  • Schades Deli Restaurant - 845.446.2626
  • Ice Cream Shop - 845.446.2380
  • Cadet Activities Restaurant - 845.938.4453
  • Cadet Store - this is run by the Directorate of Cadet Activities and they have more than just boodle information on this page
  • Giftworks - provides gift baskets and you may choose what goes into the basket for your cadet
  • Spectacular Sweets - specializes in homemade goodies
  • Love a Cadet - has homemade goodies as well as healthy and junk food boodle to offer

E-Mail (available after Acceptance Day)

In addition to phone and mail contact, will have email contact.  Each cadet has a laptop computer that is tied into the West Point network and the Internet.  Ask your cadet to initiate the first email. This will be the quickest way for you to know they are "up and running" online and will easily be able to add their e-mail address to your address book. Over the next four years you’ll find this is an excellent, and inexpensive, way to communicate as well as during their Army service. 
If you haven’t already done so, please notify the WPPC-AK of your email address so we can include it in our database and make sure we send all notices and important information to you.


Several Web sites and networks provide a tremendous amount of information about West Point.

  • For help close to home you can always contact us, your Alaskan West Point Parents Club at http://www.west-point.org/parent/parent-forum.  Select the link to the WP Parents Clubs, then choose Alaska.
  • The primary West Point home page is http://www.usma.edu.This site will link you to many others for helpful and up to date information about the Academy.
  • Another site is http://www.west-point.org This site has all sorts of information about West Point. From here go to http://www.west-point.org/parent/parent-forum. Here you can subscribe to the Parent Forum, which allows a free exchange of information and ideas among West Point parents.  
  • Master calendar is at: www.dean.usma.edu/sebpublic/mastercalendar/
  • http://www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net has lots of information of interest to plebe parents. You can subscribe to Plebe-net on this page. On Plebe-net you can ask questions and receive information that applies directly to you and your plebe. This special forum for plebe parents and you will progress to through the forums as your cadet progress through the Academy.


            New cadets receive limited and timed phone privileges during Cadet Basic Training and the calls can come at anytime. If you don't have a speakerphone or answering machine, now may be a good time to invest in one. You may want to get a cassette recorder and microphone that will record from your telephone. This will allow you to tape your cadet's phone calls and play them back for anyone who was not at home when he/she called. These recorded tapes are also priceless memories. Make sure your cadet knows to leave a message with the information including when they might be calling back. Have your phone forwarded to your cell phone.
            et a telephone calling card or 800 number for your cadet.  Cell phones are normally allowed once the academic year begins, but this may vary by company.  Cell phone reception at the Academy is spotty at best.
            After re-orgy all cadets will have phones in their rooms with voice mail capabilities. Calls can be dialed out as well as received. Your cadet can obtain a long distance carrier to provide economical calling. It is in many ways like the phone at home. So this is another item that each cadet must learn to manage.
            If there is a family emergency, you can contact your cadet's TAC Officer. You will receive their name and phone number on R-Day. You can also call the Central Guard which is open 24 hours a day at (845) 938-3030 or (845) 938-2555.

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