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Those with asterisks (*) by their names have published articles.  Then click on names of interest to go to their memorial articles and comment sections.  Or see "Class Wall" further below.

Note:  The classmate names listed below in the matrix are part of the effort led by Bob St. Onge to complete articles for AOG before the 50th Reunion and beyond.
They do not include names of classmates memorialized earlier (see above).  Deadline for 2024 AOG's TAPS articles:  28 Feb 2024.

See explanatory letters and ideas/links for "selfies" further below.

Visit our fallen at  If not an AOG Memorial Article, can you share just a quick memory? 
It may greatly help those of us volunteering to write Memorial Articles!

The "Leave No Classmate Behind Team" (LNCBT, inspired by the 50th Reunion) has now submitted 87 of possible 92 Memorial Articles to AOG (93%)
Those in light blue are yet to do! 
Total of 148 deaths of 800 Class grads (652 remain); 1969 graduates deceased:  19%
(148 from the count of 153 at minus (see below) 5 classmate non-grads: 
Aggas, Bostwick, Capel, Greenlee, Mullen, and Saska.)

Including the MAs submitted before the LNCBT (56), with the below 87, the Class has now submitted 143 Memorials Articles for 148 deaths.  That's one more point for a total 97% submittal rate!


Adams, Ernest C.  4 B4 28707 3/20/2024    
Adams, Lonnie B 1 C1 28579 12/22/2018 Brundage 2019
Aggas, William J. 5 C2 633530 8/13/1967 Blackburn 2018
Albanese, Ernest L. 4 B4 28244 3/3/2023 Sorley, '56 2024
Allardice, Robert Duncan 2 C2 28731 11/7/2014 St. Onge 2018
Archer, Laurence Leon 3 A3 28739 3/6/2018 Ashley 2019
Barszcz, Michael  4 H4 28213 4/25/2015 McGovern 2018
Bassett, Robert A. 4 B4 28226 1/4/2019 Shean 2019
Bay, Lenny S. 4 G4 28655 2/2/2023 Mike Williams  
Beard, William G. 2 C2 28365 9/1/2018 Corica 2019
Bible, Michael Calvin 4 C4 28364 9/22/2022 Jeff Bible 2023
Bird, Daniel Chambers 1 F1 28004 9/27/2020 Burke 2021
Blackburn, Linwood Earl 2 D2 28463 12/17/2020 St. Onge/Lobdell 2021
Bostwick, George M. 1 C1 633561 1/5/1969 Holden 2018
Brown, Norman Alan 2 C2 28541 7/12/2016 Brown L 2017
Buechner, Daniel Anton 2 D2 28646 11/16/2005 Harper 2018
Byars, David Owen 2 G2 28220 12/13/2018 Ward 2019
Capel, Robert Lee 5 C1 600751 10/28/1999 Calandro 2018
Carlson, Adolf  4 G4 28027 5/6/2013 St. Onge 2019
Christian, John Kenneth 2 E2 28519 5/21/2023 Terry Bacon  
Colbert, David Keith 1 G1 28272 9/25/2018 Foster 2020
Cole, Christopher Charles 1 F1 28531 7/30/2000 Kessenich 2018
Crenshaw, Kent Rex 1 A1 28311 4/3/2011 Killian 2018
Damon, William Earl 1 D1 28092 5/1/2019 Guerrerio; R Book 2020
Davis, Jon Steven 3 H3 28032 6/19/2009 Johnson D 2018
Davis, Stephen Frederick 2 C2 28381 7/6/2021 Donaldson/Corica 2022
Fahl, Gary Martin 2 F2 28598 4/12/2015 McDonough 2018
Fall, Stephen Mark 1 F1 28041 10/3/2020 Nardotti/St. Onge 2022
Fitzgerald, Douglas Cagney 2 C2 28066 8/6/2018 Bacevich 2019
Fleeger, Howard William 3 E3 28125 9/6/2015 McCloy 2018
Fly, Hugh Garrette 1 G1 28728 12/8/2007 Madigan 2019
Fogle, George Cicero 1 F1 28440 7/20/2016 Allen 2018
Fowler, Richard Thomas 3 G3 28671 7/14/2011 Pettitt 2018
Friese, William Francis 1 H1 28155 12/17/2022 Coyle 2023
Garay, Richard 1 D1 28123 6/10/2017 Dillon 2018
Garrett, Craig 1 B1 27987 10/25/2017 Dillon 2018
Giacomini, James Leonard 2 D2 27955 11/6/1990 Sharphorn 2018
Gloriod, John Arthur 3 D3 28148 2/18/2023 Mesite  
Greenlee, James Darrell 1 A1 6335569 4/19/1969 St. Onge 2020
Guest, Robert Shelley 1 A1 28061 3/9/2018 Rogers 2019
Hatch, Andrew Marshall 1 A1 28719 3/11/2017 Noreen 2019
Hawley, Leonard Roy 1 D1 28225 7/12/2020 KC Brown 2022
Hellerstedt, Howard LeRoy 4 B4 28178 6/17/2014 Hunkel 2017
Henderson, Thomas Arthur 4 D4 28095 11/21/2019 St. Onge 2020
Helmich, Bruce Lester 2 B2 28578 10/9/2016 Griffin 2018
Hoffman, Robert Joseph 4 B4 28615 7/30/2016 St. Onge 2017
Hoffman, Robert Steven  3 E3 28419 1/13/2022 Mike Landrum 2023
Hughes, Kenneth Wayne 3 B3 28471 1/1/2011 Berenato 2018
Ireland, Arthur Paul 4 G4 28630 5/2/2014 Ramos 2018
Jamison, David Kincaid II 1 G1 28371 3/3/2021 Madigan 2022
Jarvis, Charles Joseph 4 G4 28732 1/29/2018 O'Toole 2019
Johnson, William Joseph 4 F4 28132 8/30/2017 St. Onge 2019
Karstens, Thomas Edward 4 H4 28145 2/22/1973 Lindsey/Luchak 2018
Karwan, Charles William 4 D4 28586 9/8/2008 Karwan K 2018
Kibert, Charles J 4 A4 28100 1/25/2021 Porter 2023
Kirby, David Dale 4 B4 28081 8/28/1970 Gavitt 2017
Kopczynski, Francis Joseph, Jr. 1 E1 28069 3/15/2020 Lasche 2021
Lemaster, Larry Alan 2 F2 28560 10/27/2016 Merhar, Staples 2018
Leitzke, Charles William  3 E3 28055 12/29/2022    
Lowry, Thomas Guynne 3 H3 28702 10/25/2001 Stirts 2018
Lucas, Ronald Laurance 2 B2 28401 9/26/2021 Griffin 2022
Maxon, Harold Lee 3 B3 28688 7/17/2017 Mike Jones 2019
McAdoo, Ronald Dale 2 G2 28299 5/3/2015 Whatton 2017
McCarty, Richard Keith 2 B2 28249 1/20/2019 Griffin 2020
McCord, Thomas Hart 2 B2 28394 7/26/2017 Griffin 2018
McGue, Stephen Craig 1 B1 28489 2/14/2022 Duffy 2023
McKelvey, Dennis Charles 4 B4 28301 6/7/1979 Brower 2018
Moeller, Ralph James 3 G3 28624 7/14/2017 Balog 2019
Morrill, Brian Eugene 1 H1 28613 11/8/2008 Haines 2018
Mosbacker, Rodney Eugene  4 C4 28647 3/18/2019 Tatro 2020
Mullen, Jack Fonce 1 A1 633531 4/19/1969 St. Onge 2020
Newman, James Bryan 1 B1 28411 5/1/1999 St. Onge/Helsel 2020
Noreen, Robert Sterling 1 A1 28616 6/12/2021 Noreen 2022
O'Neill, Brian Boru 3 C3 28293 5/6/2020 Ruth O'Neill 2021
Oristian, John Edward 2 G2 28088 5/5/2009 KCBrown/Hoopengardner 2017
Payne, John 3 F3 28167 10/24/2016 Haney 2018
Pedersen, Charles John 1 B1 28202 5/9/2007 Garrett 2018
Peters, Randall Robert 2 E2 28461 5/14/1991 Gregor/Bachta 2018
Pratt, Robert Phillip 1 E1 28382 10/9/2022 Johnsmeyer 2023
Rice, Terry Lee 3 F3 28062 9/30/2020 Hendrickson 2021
Rice, William Joseph 3 G3 28109 6/16/2008 DaleSmith/JRussell 2019
Richmond, Henry Besemer 2 G2 28696 12/6/2019 PattyRichmond/Kessenich 2022
Russell, James Albert 4 C4 28506 11/24/2022 Selecman 2023
Schafer, Thomas Carlton 1 A1 28672 9/6/2016 Munson 2019
Schoville, Robert Theodore 1 B1 28611 5/19/2018 Helsel 2019
Snell, Michael Gene 1 G1 28165 5/11/2010 Wallace 2017
Stankus, Arnold Robert 2 E2 28505 9/22/2012 Ward, Taricska 2019
Terrien, Max Verl 2 E2 28248 7/20/2021 Straw 2023
Tinker, Melvin Alton 2 D2 28390 11/20/1971 Hulten 2018
Whitaker, Thomas Edward 2 E2 28374 12/15/2022 Selecman/St Onge 2023
Williams, Stephen James 4 G4 28486 3/13/2019 Bornhoft 2019
Yeisley, John Clarke 3 B3 28310 8/1/2017 Tunstall 2018 includes 5 non-grads Aggas, Bostwick, Capel, Greenlee, Mullen, and Saska. 

R = Regiment; 5 = didn't graduate
TAPS = time of expected publishing of AOG Memorial Article.
(2018) = expected completion for 2018 TAPS
Green Italics Bold = Complete and submitted to AOG.

Class Memorial Article Reps:

A-1  Tony Guerrerio
B-1  Roger Loder
C-1  Dennis Pogany, Greg Smith
D-1  Doc Dillon, Tom Watson
E-1  John Hamiton, KC Scull
F-1  Mike Allen
G-1  Doug Madigan, Bill Foster
H-1  Bob Haines, Bill Bahr
A-2  Barney Wintermute, Eric Robyn
B-2  Bob Griffin, Ron Hudnell
C-2  Jeff Donaldson, Vince Corica
D-2  Bob Harper
E-2  Mike Spletz, Terry Bacon
F-2  Jim McDonough, Rob Wilson
G-2  KC Brown, Bill Ward
H-2  Jeff Kimball, Arnie Haake
A-3  Jim Hillebrand, Rich Ashley
B-3  Mike Colacicco, Joe Berenato
C-3  Bob Ivany, Geoff Prosch
D-3  Pete Heesch
E-3  Bob DeClercq
F-3  John Peters, Joe McCarville
G-3  Roger Balog, Ken Johnson
H-3  Bob Jannarone, Ray Dupere, Hugh Stirts
A-4  Red Taylor, Glenn Porter
B-4  Casey Brower
C-4  Bill Selecman, Tom Smith
D-4  Bill Vanaskie, Brad Sparks
E-4  Hope Bailey, Bernie Tatro
F-4  Dave Metzler, Pete Bazzel
G-4  Stewart Bornholft, Gregg Jones
H-4  Steve Hammond, Ed Kelly

Please do your part while you and your company rep(s) still can:  Get something regarding your own Memorial Article in to AOG today!  Urge your USMA roommate/battle-buddy to complete his by his next birthday. 
"Leave no Classmate behind!"  See below! 

Have info to be shared with lead/author but no lead/author contact info listed?  Check out

Preliminary c
heck list & status code for leads (can be shared in TAPS column)

1.  Determine Next Of Kin (NOK)
2.  Contact NOK
3.  Gather information & share on webpage as appropriate
4.  Draft article. 
5.  Share draft with Class and NOK to polish article. 
6.  Ensure AOG checklist is complete. 
7.  Obtain NOK approval 


WPAOG Memorial Articles information


Editable pdf:

Click here for download of editable Memorial Inventory Sheet (.doc)

Information from Bob St. Onge (Memorial Article Guidelines, Autobiographical Memorial Data Packet, Note 1 for Company Reps, Note 2 for Company Reps

Consider naming several individuals to complete your article requirements in the event of your passing. 

Notice word count of sample Memorial Article is around 700 words; max is 925 words.





Class Wall

 Lonnie B. Adams III  1969 *   William J. Aggas   1969 *   Claude D. Alexander   1969 *   Robert D. Allardice   1969 *   Robert W. Anderson   1969 *   Jon H. Anderson   1969 *   Laurence L. Archer DVM  1969 *   Gerry H. Armstrong   1969 *   Michael Barszcz Jr.  1969 *

George C. Bass   1969 *   Robert A. Bassett   1969 *   William G. Beard Jr.  1969 *   Michael C. Bible   1969   Daniel C. Bird Jr.  1969 *   Linwood E. Blackburn Jr.  1969 *   George M. Bostwick   1969 *   Frame J. Bowers III  1969 *   Thomas J. Brennan Jr.  1969 *

Norman A. Brown   1969 *   Randall H. Bryant II  1969 *   Daniel A. Buechner IV  1969 *   David O. Byars III  1969 *   Robert L. Capel II  1969 *   Adolf Carlson   1969 *   David K. Colbert   1969 *   Christopher C. Cole   1969 *   Terence G. Craig   1969 *

Kent R. Crenshaw   1969 *   Walter D. Crump   1969   William E. Damon Jr.  1969 *   Jon S. Davis   1969 *   Stephen F. Davis   1969 *   Thomas A. Dellwo   1969 *   Willis B. DeYoung   1969 *   David W. Dunaway   1969 *   Gary M. Fahl   1969 *

Stephen M. Fall   1969 *   Douglas C. Fitzgerald   1969 *   John C. Fitz-Henry   1969 *   Howard W. Fleeger   1969 *   Hugh G. Fly III  1969 *   George C. Fogle Jr.  1969 *   Jimmy M. Ford   1969 *   Richard T. Fowler   1969 *   William F. Friese Jr.  1969

Richard R. Garay DDS  1969 *   Craig R. Garrett MD  1969 *   James L. Giacomini   1969 *   James D. Greenlee   1969 *   Robert S. Guest   1969 *   Jerome R. Hackett   1969 *   Joseph E. Halloran III  1969 *   Andrew M. Hatch   1969 *   Leonard R. Hawley   1969 *

Thomas M. Hayes   1969 *   John W. Heath   1969 *   Howard L. Hellerstedt   1969 *   Bruce L. Helmich   1969 *   Thomas A. Henderson   1969 *   Guy W. Hester Jr.  1969 *   Robert J. Hoffman   1969 *   Robert S. Hoffman   1969   Kenneth W. Hughes   1969 *

William A. Illingworth III  1969 *   Arthur P. Ireland Jr.  1969 *   James P. Isenhower Jr.  1969 *   Glen S. Ivey   1969 *   David K. Jamison II  1969 *   Charles J. Jarvis Jr.  1969 *   William J. Johnson   1969 *   Robert P. Jordan   1969 *   Thomas E. Karstens   1969 *

Charles W. Karwan Jr.  1969 *   James S. Kenady   1969 *   William B. Kerr   1969 *   Charles J. Kibert Jr.  1969 *   Thomas P. King   1969 *   David D. Kirby   1969 *   Rickey A. Kolb   1969 *   Francis J. Kopczynski Jr.  1969 *   Frank A. LaPenta   1969 *

Albert F. Leister Jr.  1969 *   Charles W. Leitzke   1969   Larry A. Lemaster M.D.  1969 *   William H. Leppig   1969 *   Thomas G. Lowry   1969 *   Ronald L. Lucas   1969 *   Richard W. Luecke   1969 *   Harold L. Maxson   1969 *   Ronald D. McAdoo   1969 *

Richard K. McCarty   1969 *   Thomas H. McCord   1969 *   Carl B. McGee   1969 *   Stephen C. McGue   1969   Dennis C. McKelvey   1969 *   Ralph J. Moeller   1969 *   Brian E. Morrill   1969 *   Rodney E. Mosbacker   1969 *   Jack F. Mullen   1969 *

Arthur S. Nabben   1969 *    James B. Newman IV  1969 *   Robert S. Noreen   1969 *   Edwin G. Northup   1969 *    Terrence P. O'Boyle   1969 *   Frank G. Oliver   1969 *    Brian B. O'Neill Jr.  1969 *   John E. Oristian   1969 *   William A. Pahissa   1969 *

John B. Payne   1969 *   Charles J. Pedersen   1969 *   Randall R. Peters   1969 *   Michael W. Pettit   1969 *   Robert P. Pratt   1969   Terry L. Rice   1969 *   William J. Rice   1969 *   Henry B. Richmond III  1969 *   Robert C. Riddell II  1969 *

Luigi B. Rose   1969 *    Robert E. Roseta   1969 *    Stephen J. Ross   1969    John E. Rountree   1969 *    James A. Russell   1969    Larry B. Saska Esq.  1969    Paul C. Sawtelle   1969 *    Albert H. Schaaf   1969 *    Thomas C. Schafer   1969 *

Robert T. Schoville   1969 *    Henry J. Schroeder III  1969 *    Jonathan C. Shine   1969 *    Joseph A. Silva   1969 *    James L. Smith   1969 *    Michael G. Snell   1969 *    Joseph P. Sowa   1969 *    Nicholas T. Stafford III  1969 *    Arnold R. Stankus Jr.  1969 *

Michael W. Taylor   1969 *    Max V. Terrien   1969 *    Harry L. Thain   1969 *    Melvin A. Tinker   1969 *    James E. Walkenbach   1969 *    Edwin A. Watson Jr.  1969 *    Johnnie L. Welsh II  1969 *    Joseph J. Wheeler   1969 *    Thomas E. Whitaker   1969

Ralph R. White   1969 *    Stephen J. Williams   1969 *    John J. Woodrum   1969 *    John C. Yeisley   1969 *    Kenneth J. Yonan   1969 *    Alexander M. Zupsich   1969 *   


See also

A Virtual Cemetery created by Earl Wayne Renner, West Point Class of 1969



Selfies:  "If not you, who?"

Link to Class Matrix of Memorial Article Preparation (A-M)

Link to Class Matrix of Memorial Article Preparation (N-Z)

Lists all classmates and their preparation stage of an AOG Memorial Article.

See "Tips on Writing Selfies" below.


Reservations for internment/inurnment at West Point Cemetery:  Cemetery/ Memorial Affairs 845-938-2504
Will need copy of DD214 with SSN blacked out.  To put in your Cullum file, email to Marilee Meyer, Memorials & Archives Manager:


Explanatory Letters

 Mon, Sep 11, 2017 

Greetings!  This message is being sent to memorial article lead authors, those who graciously volunteered (or were volunteered!) to pull together a TAPS memorial for a fallen classmate.  Thanks.  Here is an update:

 The goal of the No Soldier Left Behind...No Classmate Forgotten Campaign is to complete all outstanding memorial articles possible by our 50th Reunion and to set the conditions for success in completing memorials over the next two decades.   When we started we had about 36 articles that needed to be completed, but have lost 13 classmate in the last 18 months.  We have made progress with 7 articles published in TAPS in 2017 and 12 already submitted for the 2018 addition.  We are nearly half way to 2018 target of 25!  Well done!

We are also half way to the Feb 2018 suspense for submitted articles for 2018 TAPS.  I have communicated with most of you this year and have a sense of your progress.  I think we will reach our 2018 goal.

I have learned much during this campaign. 
   -Gaining trust and cooperation of the NOK is key. 
   -Widows and families mourn differently. 
   -Initial enthusiasm can evolve into periods of non-responsiveness.
   -Gentle requests and reminders work best.
    -Having another classmate, spouse, widow or friend engage can help.
   -Some personal information is better left out of articles...NOK decides.
   -Patience and perseverance will win in the end.
On the second part of our goal I guess I would say that no knows better the value of a draft memorial (selfie) that you who are trying to pull an article together.  We all need to get to that chore which as I can attest is easy to put off.  Surprising that my tendency to procrastinate did not fully disappear when I graduated!
Please let me know what help you may need and your assessment as to the likelihood of completion by February, 2018.

Thanks again.

Prayers for the Nation on this 16th anniversary of 9/11.
Bob St.Onge
(c) 571.344.3739
Broomfield, CO



(Tips on Writing Selfies)

PS note from classmate Bill Rice's family:  "When they are thinking about their eulogy, they might think of a story that they could offer for

2 September 2017  [added later]

Gentle Grads [4um]:

4YI, here's something to consider if you find yourself with time on your hands over the next couple days [Labor Day weekend].  Why not work on your own TAPS Memorial Article?

Here're some ideas about "selfies": 

1. Purchase a binder/large-envelope/file-folder and mark it "Memorial Article AOG."
2. Print a copy of Inventory Sheet and Sample Memorial Article and start backwards-planning at how you'll get there.
3. Devote 2 hours to improving your file (adding your resume, vitae, all items written about you in West Point publications and other media (Howitzer, Legacy Book, etc), as well as a collection of articles, awards, newspaper clippings, appropriate photograph(s), list of next of kin, friends, and contacts, etc., and eventually drafting your article) on each

  1. Veterans Day
  2. New Year's Day (Renew resolution to complete file)
  3. Memorial Day
  4. 4 June (Graduation Day)

4.  Memorial Article word count is a minimum of 850 words; maximum 925 words (see other guidelines in references below.  If you're using Microsoft Word, look at Tools to get a word count on your various drafts and work-to-date. 

If you're not great at writing, try this: 

      1. Write down your thoughts on small cards or slips of paper as you think about the important things in your life and maybe even ask your friends for their ideas.  One exercise would be
            to describe yourself with 10 adjectives, putting them in descending order of importance.  Ask your friends to do the same about you and compare (and discuss, if possible) the lists. 
            After you have your list(s) of adjectives, attach an action-example (a trait-demonstrating event or two) to each. 
      2. Arrange the cards in a logical order.
      3. Using the cards as cues, give a talk or tell a story into a tape recorder.
      4. Transcribe the audio into written form.  Maybe you can find a friendly typist to help.
      5. Polish up the written text.  Above all, use a spell-checker tool on your computer.  Maybe you can find a friendly editor who can mark-up your text with recommendations for improvement.
      6. Put your work in a file to be worked on both when new ideas come to the fore or upon the four special dates mentioned above, whichever comes sooner.
      7. Let your family and another classmate know where your Memorial Article file is.  Also contact Bob St. Onge or Bill Bahr to update your status on the selfie pages (links above).
      8. Consider using a "buddy" system; working with a classmate by trading results to date on each other's Memorial Articles.  Share ideas on content, style, grammar, spelling, etc.  Maybe a company, battalion, regiment, and/or brigade system can be set up with helpers designated at each level?     

Please realize that your legacy may be at risk, unless the last man standing in the Class has the energy and desire to write Memorial Articles for the likely growing number of those passing without having any other remembrance.  At risk, not just for your remaining classmates, but maybe for your own children and grandchildren.  Make sure what you believe is most important about your life is remembered.  You can do something about this by starting on your selfie this weekend.  Don't put this off for a better day you may not be blessed to get.  Remember:  "God helps those who help themselves!"   : ) 
And just like our "March Back," you/we can do it!  You've/we've also done other great things. So fall in, look out for your classmates, and, with just one, easy, left-foot forward, begin the! 

Some other tips:

REF:   Inventory Sheet and Sample Memorial Article

I'll be posting this on the Memorial Articles matrix page, so you can refer to it at any time.

Other ideas/comments/recommendations, please let me know.  Stay healthy and start writing!    

Best regards & BOTL
Bill Bahr

P.S.  I'll be happy to quickly review your emailed Draft Memorial Article before you send it to AOG; just let me know.  I'll mainly be checking for word-count (925 max), grammar, and punctuation.  Use my comments or not; no offense given/meant or taken. 

P.P.S.  For a West Point funeral, you will need to send a copy of your DD214 (with SSN redacted) to AOG for your Cullum file. 



2 June 2017

Dear BOTL Classmates,

I hope that your Memorial Day was a good one, that you had the chance to do something special, and that you thought about those '69 brothers no longer with us.  Joan and I attended services at Fort Logan National Cemetery and visited the grave sites of Adolf Carlson (G4) and Dan Buechner (D2).  Fort Logan is a typically beautiful and well maintained VA cemetery in Denver.  The ceremony was solemn and the weather superb.

Our campaign to memorialize our fallen classmates is going well thanks to you.  We started this latest effort in late 2016 with two goals: 1) to complete all the outstanding memorial articles by our 50th reunion, and 2) to prepare for success in completing future memorial articles over the rest of our lifetimes.

 You have responded magnificently to our first goal.  Of the 43 classmates who had not yet been memorialized in late 2016 you have volunteered to author every one of them.  Seven articles will be published in the 2017 edition of TAPS magazine. Seven articles are already accepted by AOG for 2018 edition of TAPS. Many more are nearing completion well before the February 2018 deadline for that edition.  To see who is working on which memorial article, where you can post eulogies, and the latest overall status please go to our website at   

On behalf of the Best of the Line, I offer my sincere thanks to all those who authored and contributed to these articles and those still in preparation.  I am particularly moved by the extraordinary efforts by two C1 guys for researching and completing articles long overdue: Phil Holden for Mike Bostwick  and Jim Calandro for Robert Capel.  As you will recall, Mike was killed and Bob severely injured in a car accident returning from Christmas leave firstie year, 48 plus years ago.  Bob was medically retired and ultimately died in 1999 of complication from his life-changing injuries.  To see them memorialized side-by-side in the 2018 TAPS will be poignant indeed.  Thanks, guys.

Three former classmates who are recognized as associate members of AOG are also eligible for articles if we choose to do them.  The F3 team has stepped up to memorialize Larry Saska.  Walter Crump and Stephen Ross are the other two.  I did not know them or their cadet companies.  Information about them or volunteers to write a memorial for them are welcome.

Our second goal is important for the long haul when there will be more memorial articles to write and fewer classmates to research and write the articles.  We have learned the hard way that finding the next-of-kin (NOK) and discovering the biographical information needed to prepare a proper memorial is often very difficult.  The Privacy Act prevents anyone but the NOK from getting cadet and service records.  Here is how you can help:

        Organize your own biographical data, including NOK and possible classmates and relatives who you trust to write your memorial. 
        Fill in the attached outline provided by AOG and file it in your Cullum file at AOG, in your personal papers, and/or with a classmate. 
        Write a starter memorial article, a "selfie," and file it with the other important documents that support this effort. 
        Tell us that you have prepared these documents so we know where to turn when necessary.  Latest information about your status is listed on our
               website at the selfies links.

Your personal Cullum file is maintained by AOG for the primary purpose of assisting in the preparation of your memorial article.  You should file your service record (DD214) there, especially if  burial or inurnment at WP is contemplated.   It is also appropriate to include copies of military orders, resume, biography, diplomas and other important papers.

I encourage all classmates to share their fond memories and anecdotes of our fallen classmates with those writing the memorials.  You enter them on our website or call or email the author directly.

Lastly,  TAPS is the official and unique annual memorial magazine of the Long Gray Line. The 2017 edition will be the largest ever, with over 250 Memorial Articles! Unlike the West Point magazine which AOG sends to all graduates for free, you must order your copy of TAPS for a nominal subscription fee. Please do so today by calling 845.446.1545.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks for the tremendous effort so far.  I am confident that we can accomplish our two goals because we are the Best of the Line!

Bob St.Onge
(c) 571-344-3739

2 Attachments:     AutobiographicalMemorialDataPacketJan2011        Cullum File Contents



31 January 2017

Subject:  No Soldier Left Behind...No Classmate Forgotten

 Dear BOTL Classmates,

 As you have read, our class is re-doubling our efforts to memorialize each of our deceased classmates.  These articles used to be a part of Assembly magazine.  They are now published in AOG's TAPS magazine, which is totally dedicated to that purpose.  The memorials are also archived in one's Cullum file and on the AOG website for all to read.

While every class eventually finds itself playing catch-up, the good news for our class is the Legacy of the West Point Class of 1969 and the massive amount of effort the team and you collectively contributed to produce it.  This labor of love includes the story of every '69 graduate.  Your stories and the research done on fallen classmates are priceless. 

While the intended audience for this proud legacy is broad, so is the audience for TAPS memorial articles. I devoured these memorials as a kid reading my dad's Assembly magazine.  The stories of graduates who fell in battle, or of heroes on the beaches, or of those who changed our Army, or ran successful corporations or were just solid citizens, husbands and fathers inspired me.  I wanted to follow in their footsteps, to be a part of something lasting and important, and to enjoy the obvious love and camaraderie I read about and sensed from these testimonials written by classmates and families.

Our time to organize this effort is now.  As the attached chart shows, 43 of our deceased brothers have not yet been so honored.  Many classmates have volunteered and several memorial articles (three to date) will be included in the 2017 edition of TAPS.  But we need your help in a couple of ways.

            -First, we need battle buddies or other volunteers to take the lead on classmates not yet covered. While this task may seem daunting, the process is straightforward and frankly very rewarding.  AOG dedicates a single page in TAPS for each article which accommodates up to 950 words and one photo (personal/Howitzer).  The steps are what you might expect:  

                1) Identify and contact the next of kin (NOK),

                2) Collect information and fond memories on the entire life of the classmate with the help of the NOK, family, friends
                        and classmates,

                3) Write a draft and share it broadly for adds and edits,

                4) Go final and gain NOK approval, and

                5) Submit article and inventory sheet to AOG.  

                We know that some situations are more complex than others, especially for classmates long deceased.  We (and AOG)
                will help you work through such issues as finding the next of kin as they arise.

            -Second, we need roommates, company mates, teammates, and all who knew these fellows well to share with the leads your fond memories of them.  The leads can either write the articles themselves or find others to help.  Call or email the designated leads directly.  Leads can share information they collect on an interim basis (which may stimulate further input) at: .     

            -Third, our reality is that the next two decades will witness the final roll call for many of us.  We can each help ourselves and those who will write about us by assembling our key information including a short draft of our story.  AOG is ready to assist, has a form you can complete, and will secure these items for future use in your personal Cullum file. 

Our goal is to be caught up and organized for the future by the 50th Reunion. Will you volunteer to memorialize a classmate and help us fill the pages of the 2018 and 2019 editions?  Will you update your Cullum file and do a brief autobiography (a "selfie") that can be the basis for a memorial article someday?  Those interested in sharing their own personal article status on the Memorial Article page can view the matrix there and email their status to .  

Please visit our website at and click on "Memorial Articles," where we will post additional information.  Feel free to contact me if you need help in any way.  Attached are the list I mentioned of our deceased classmates not yet memorialized and the AOG instructions for preparation of articles.

Bob St.Onge
(c) 571.344.3739


Suggested Documents to Submit for Your Cullum File



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