Brian Eugene Morrill
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“Brian came to West Point from McLean, Virginia, son of an Air Force family.  His forte was track and for four years he starred on both the indoor and outdoor track teams.  Although noted as serious in his Howitzer write up, he also was known for his ready laugh.  He was also sharp enough be designated Commander of the Color Guard for First Detail, Firstie Year.  Many years later, his fellow track star Larry Lemaster would say of him:  “Brian was a great friend.  He was always fun to be with.  He had a great personality and one could trust Brian to be good to his word and to help in any way he could.  He was kind and generous.  He was a true gentleman and nearly forever with a warm smile and words of encouragement for everyone around him…. I trained with Brian nearly daily for 4 years and that can testify to his dedication to the team and his awesome athletic ability.  I also had the pleasure of sitting at the same corps squad dining table as Brian for those 4 years.  His sense of humor and quick smile warm my heart to this day.”


Brian followed in the family tradition and signed up for the Air Force upon graduation.  He served for five years and went on to make his way in the civilian world.  Later work brought him to Florida, where he worked as a consultant in his final years.  He died in November 2008 and is buried at the National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida.   (Written by Jim McDonough).


Howitzer:  From the "Howitzer" -- 1969

"Brian Eugene Morrill, McLean, Virginia. H-1

"A convert from an Air Force tradition, Brian saw the error of his ways and joined the Army Team with the rest of us on that fateful day in '65. He has been a mainstay sprinter for the Army Track Team; furthermore, his desire and ability have been continually evidenced by the team's record. Combining seriousness, when understanding is in order, with an ever present laugh, Brian has left an indelible impression on his associates and on his 'Rockbound Highland Home.' His enthusiasm and drive are certain to imprint an even more noble record on his coming career." 

"Indoor Track 4, 3, 2, 1; Outdoor Track 3, 2, 1, 1. Air Force" 

USMA classmate, H-1 company-mate, may you rest in peace.



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Larry Lemaster "Chief"  4 years ago

RIP my friend and teamate,a great competitor and a wonderful friend-his smile would light up a room,thank you for being in my life


Matthew Erickson  

I remember Brian from West Point. Short wiry hair, always close-cropped. Pale complexion. Easy to get along with. Cheerful. A regular guy, if you can say a West Point grad is a "regular" guy.



Edward J. Morehouse:  I first met Brian Morrill when he was my counselor at Camp Idlewild on Lake Winnipesauki in New Hampshire. I think it was the summer of 1962 or 1963. He made the summer a wonderful time. He was kind and considerate. We all loved Brian and admired him very much. I requested Brian as my counselor for the next summer and was told he had enrolled at West Point.

I arrived at West Point in July of 1967 for the start of Beast Barracks. At some point on that first day I had to go and see the "man in the red sash" for information. I approached him with much trepidation. As I stood before him and saluted I realized it was Brian. I was sure he wouldn't recognize me but I saw him smile for a moment before he gave me an order and dismissed me. 

About a week later Brian stopped me during some activity. He asked about Idlewild and how I was doing. Throughout that first month before he left for his summer break Brian came to see me in the barracks and often brought food to supplement the meager rations we received. 

I left West Point after my Plebe year and transferred to Cornell. I never saw Brian again but over the years have thought about him and the impact he had on my life. I regret not contacting him but he will always remain in my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.






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