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George Cicero Fogle, Jr. was born at Ft. McKinley, Quezon City, Manila, Philippine Islands.  His mother, Modena Marcella Adair, was an Army nurse and father, George Cicero Fogle, an Army Artillery Officer in the occupation of the Phillipine Islands after WWII.

 As an Army “brat”, George lived on numerous military posts in the US and overseas to include Istanbul, Turkey; Seoul, Korea; and Frankfurt, Germany.  Primary and secondary education was accomplished at 9 different schools.  He finally graduated from Yorktown High School, Arlington, VA, before entering the academy.

 While at USMA, George overcame all academic challenges while also pursuing his interests in Orienteering, Swimming, Cross Country, and Triathalon through active participation in these sports as part of the intramural programs and also club memberships. 

 He often stated that he had graduated as a strong willed stubborn young man, (no stranger to punishment tours on the area) but had thoroughly enjoyed the four years at the academy.  During his time at the academy, he thrived on the military routine and strived to challenge himself to be prepared to be commissioned as an Infantry Officer.  He seemed to absorb the ethos of the Academy and also became strong willed and stubborn about his dedication to Duty, Honor, Country. 

George has written: “Looking back it was the sense of Duty instilled in me that made me insist that the combat soldiers entrusted to me wear their helmets, dig in every night, practice live fire combat drills and not do stupid things like drugs that insured our successes in Vietnam.

 The sense of Honor hammered into me over four years has become almost a religion to me – simply tell the truth as you see and experience it in order to enable the trust of others – without trust there is no cohesion, no community, no brotherhood.

 And the sense that there is something worth a soldier’s sacrifice – our Country – which over the years has made me proud to have served as a simple soldier and has inspired me to continue in service to others.”

George’s military life began as an Infantryman, he started out in the 82nd Airborne Division, followed by an extended tour in Vietnam as a Platoon Leader; Company Commander and Battalion Assistant Operations Officer.  He took an inter-theater transfer to Germany and commanded Infantry companies in Berlin and Crailsheim.   He then spent 18 months in Stuttgart before heading to USMAPS as a tactical officer, where he also coached swimming and cross country.   He left  active duty after 12 years of service but kept a Reserve commission and retired as a LTC with more than 28 years of service. 

 George married the love of his life, Lynda Bliss Pratt, in 1977.  He was most proud of his two sons, George Garrett Fogle and Zachary Pratt Fogle and always strived to be an active parent and influence their lives with the values he held most closely by volunteering as Assistant Scout Master & Crew Advisor as well as coaching various youth soccer and basketball teams.  He continued to keep himself in good physical shape and competed in later life by becoming an active swimmer in the senior category.   

After leaving active military service, George earned an MBA from Campbell University and became the first MBA graduate of that institution with a 4.0 average.

George joined The Hartford Insurance Company in 1983--serving as Operations Manager in Baltimore, Boston, Indianapolis and San Antonio.  In 1995, he transferred to the Home Office in Hartford, Ct, where he remained until his retirement in 2011. 

In 1995, George was awarded the designation of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, CPCU.

In 1998, he received The Chairman's Award for, "Outstanding Business Achievement/Commercial Lines Agency Interface." He was Director of Operations, Services and Support/ Information Technology.

George left us too soon in 2016. 



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