Results and Raw Data

The following is a reproduction of the survey, provided for your perusal.  Each question appears as it did on the survey.  A link to the responses is provided.  In most cases, the responses are summarized in a table for each question.  Many questions contain comments from survey takers.  Sometimes these comments can make the loading time for the page rather long.  For these questions, we have entered the approximate size of the download file so that you may estimate your waiting time based on your connection speed to the internet.

Survey Questions for West Point Graduates

1   NAME (Optional):  

EMAIL (Required to provide you a response and to ensure survey integrity)  

2   Are you a graduate of the United States Military Academy?  
3   Check any other categories that also describe you: (Please select all that apply)  
4   Do you subscribe to the Assembly?   

If yes, in addition to the class column, please select the correct description of your reading habits for the following Assembly articles:  

5   What is your military/civilian status?  
6   Do you currently do any volunteer work in support of USMA and the Long Gray Line? (If active duty, do not consider USMA support work you do as part of your official duties)   If yes, indicate where you currently volunteer. (Select all choices that apply)  
7   Would you be willing to provide more volunteer time if needed?  
8   If you answered yes to the previous question, please check any blocks showing work you would like or be willing to do. (Please select all that apply)  
9   Are you currently a member of a Local West Point Society?  
10   Are you a financial contributor to AOG/USMA?  
11   Where do you now get most of the information about USMA and AOG?: (Please select all that apply)  
12   Which of the following are most important to maintaining ties important to you? Numerically rank those you use from one (being most preferred):  
13   My preferred means of communications with AOG. Numerically rank those you use from one (being most preferred):  
14   Recommended methods or changes to AOG that would provide better communications to all graduates?  
15   The Purpose Statement of an organization should focus its available resources in a finite direction toward stated goals and objectives. The current AOG Purpose Statement is, "The Association shall be dedicated to furthering the ideals and promoting the welfare of the United States Military Academy."  

Does this statement provide Graduates and the Association with sufficient focus?  

16   AOG's Proposed Management See Goals DocumentGoals for 1997-1999 can be viewed by clicking the word "Goals". Your browser will display the document on a separate (or new) window.  

Are these the goals you want AOG to have for 1997-1999?  

17   If you could have an AOG that did whatever you wanted, what would it do?  
18   Fund raising for the Academy used to be a USMA function, called the Superintendent's Fund, and was transferred to the AOG a number of years ago.  

Do you think there should be a clearer distinction between the fund-raising activities (the West Point Fund) and other AOG activities?  

19   A current listing of AOG See Service Documentservices and programs can be seen by clicking on the word "services". Your browser will display the document on a separate (or new) window.  

Do you think any of the services and programs being done by AOG should be re-evaluated or stopped?  

20   Can you think of any additional services or programs that AOG should consider undertaking?  
21   Have you participated in the annual process to nominate graduates for the 12 Trustee-at-Large seats on the Board of Trustees?  
22   Have you ever attended a General Membership Meeting ("stockholders" meeting) of the AOG?  
23   Did you vote for Trustees-at-Large?  
24   Are you satisfied with the current AOG Trustee election process?  
25   Would you be interested in seeing the Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda forwarded electronically to graduates before the meetings are held?  
26   Would you be interested in seeing the results of each Board of Trustees Meeting forwarded electronically?  
27   Have you been aware of or followed the Superintendent's proactive process of including graduates in the development of a new USMA Mission Statement?  
28   Are there any issues or policies about USMA or its direction which concern you?  
29   Are there any Congresssional, Defense, or Army mandates impacting the ideals or welfare of the Academy, or Graduates, which concern you?  
30   Please add anything you want passed on to the AOG leadership in this space:  
31   Please add any constructive comments you wish to make about this survey or any other concerns not covered in the survey that you would like included as questions in a future survey.  

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