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The Rest Of The Plebe Summer


Very early on an August morning (think 0230) the new plebe class will march back 12 miles to West Point. At the head of the column will be a new banner proudly displaying the new class. The entire community of West Point turns out to welcome the class of proud cadets as they march back. They are met at the Washington gate by the military band and the Army mules as they proceed to march the last two miles, winding their way through the West Point community, culminating in a Pass in Review at the Superintendent's house the Superintendent and honored guests will receive the Pass in Review.


Reorganization Week, going from CBT to classroom preparedness, commonly called "REORGY", is considered by many to be the absolute worst time of the plebe year. Throughout Beast, there has been about 1 upperclassman for every 12 plebes. Just as the plebes are feeling happy and proud that they survived Beast and look forward to being cadets they are confronted by a mass infusion of the dreaded upperclassmen. These upperclassmen are returning from various summer assignments all over the world and have nothing more important to do than to get up close and personal with the new plebe class. The ratio is now drastically changed to 3 upperclassmen for every plebe, and much worse, they have to live with them in their new companies and eat with them in the Mess Hall. It only lasts for 5 days for the plebes but it can be intense. During this week, each plebe will move in with new roommate(s) from their own class and become part of one of the 32 companies that make up the Corps. They will be assigned to a Yearling as their team leader. This company will be their HOME for the next year. They will also receive their computer and something new - a homework assignment for each class - to be completed BEFORE they report to the first class on Monday, August 14. The Thayer method of instruction will become a reality for them during RORGY week.


A couple of days after the march back from Camp Buckner, the new cadets are accepted into the Corps of Cadets with the Acceptance Parade. This is one of only four Parades that are totally dedicated to a particular class during the entire West Point experience. (R-Day, Plebe-Parent Weekend and Graduation are the others). CBT training culminates with the Acceptance Parade. You will have been notified by your cadet which permanent company he/she has been assigned to and you will be able to place yourself in the stands aligned with his or her new company using the markers on the field. The upperclassmen march onto the field and the new cadets march along the outer edges of The Plain forming in front of the bleachers. After their "acceptance," the plebes take their places with their permanent academic companies as members of the Long Gray Line and pass in review.

The cadets parade out and line up in front of the bleachers. There are four regiments (1,2,3,4). Each regiment has two battalions and each battalion has four companies. First battalion is made up of companies A, B, C and D. Second battalion is made up of companies E, F, G and H. So as you sit in the bleachers, facing Washington Hall, the first regiment will be to your left, the second and third regiment will be in the middle and the fourth regiment will be to your right. If your cadet were in company G2, that means that he/she is in the second regiment (G2), company G (G2), and G falls within the second battalion. They would be third section back, just left of center, in the formation.

1st Regiment

2nd Regiment

3rd Regiment

4th Regiment

D1        H1

D2          H2

D3          H3

D4          H4

C1        G1

C2          G2

C3          G3

C4          G4

B1        F1

B2          F2

B3          F3

B4          F4

A1        E1

A2          E2

A3          E3

A4          E4

B L E A C H E R     L O C A T I O N

For the new class, this Parade is scheduled at 10:00 am on A-Day and will be held on the Plain. The new cadets will wear their white hats for the first time and formally be accepted into the Corps. If you attend, again be prepared for outside weather and bring your cameras and video cams.
CONGRATULATIONS - your sons/daughters are now officially promoted to cadets (rank of private) of the United States Military Academy at West Point. In past years, cadets have been released from duties by mid-afternoon and can spend time with you for the first time since R-day. They have usually also have all day Sunday off to spend with family and most will enjoy “walking privileges.”

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