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We would like to share the following information with you concerning the services we provide at Academy Photo.

Every Cadet is required to have a formal portrait taken during the first semester of Plebe year. Cadet Archives receives one negative to keep on file for any immediate press releases that may be needed during each Cadet's career. During the spring semester of the third year, every Cow is once again required to have a formal Howitzer portrait taken. This portrait will be used as the official yearbook photo the following year. For each of the above portrait sessions proofs are sent to both the Cadet and to the parents, from which portraits may be ordered.

There are no formal portrait requirements in either the Yearling or Firstie year; however, most Firsties come in to have a "Firstie Portrait" taken. These are 3/4 length poses with the Cadet wearing Full Dress Uniform over white trousers and holding a plumed Tarbucket and Cadet Saber. Yearling portraits are usually taken in "India Whites. Many Cadets who have siblings in the Corps opt to have photos taken together. Cadets may have a portrait taken at any time; all they need to do is call for an appointment.

In addition to portraits, Academy Photo produces three videos - approximately 2 hours in length - which are available for purchase. The videos are: "R-Day/Cadet Basic Training," "Cadet Field Training at Camp Buckner," and "Graduation Week." These videos are made from footage shot for each specific event. Videos such as "Army-Navy Spirit Week" and "Ring Weekend" are also produced. Announcements will be sent to families concerning availability of these videos.

Each summer the Yearling class publishes the Mortar, which is a mini yearbook. Buckner company photos and individual candid shots of Cadets taken during training appear in this. They are also available for purchase. These usually include photos taken at the "Slide for Life" and possibly some "action shots" of cadets out in the field. These photos are made available for your to purchase on a Photo CD as well.

We photograph all Cadet companies, clubs, and teams throughout the year for the Howitzer. These photos are also made available for purchase by the Cadets. At Graduation, still photographs are taken of each Cadet receiving his/her diploma. Proofs are sent home and those photos are available for purchase. The nice thing about this is that it is the closest shot anyone will take of your Cadet. Excellent for framing.

We also take formal pictures at the following events: Ring Weekend, 100th Night, 500th Night, Yearling Winter Weekend, Plebe Parent Weekend, Graduation Ball and Camp Illumination at Camp Buckner. At the dances we take formal couples photos of Cadets and their dates which are available for purchase. At all dances, but especially at Plebe Parent Weekend and Graduation, we also photograph Cadets and their families.

Academy Photo also offers a photo finishing service so that Cadets may conveniently have their personal film processed. Because we are photographically knowledgeable, we can easily assist Cadets with their questions, instruct them in the operation of their personal cameras, and send cameras out for repair. Additionally, we sell pictures frames, plaques, photo mailers, photo greeting cards, film and camera batteries.

To make it easier on you and your Cadet, we have recently started a "Photo Charge" program enabling parents to place funds into an account against which your Cadet may charge various purchases in our studio. Please call our office for an application 845-938-3448. We invite you to visit our studio in the lower level of Cullum Hall. If you have questions about our services or suggestions regarding additional services we might offer please contact us. Your comments are always welcome. Visit our web site at www.academyphoto.com

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