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30th Reunion Event: Walk of the Fallen

We will be having an event, the Walk of the Fallen/Trail of the Fallen, on Sunday of our reunion (27 October), from 1pm-4pm. Some recent classes have added this event to their itinerary, with great success. Our host for this event is Colonel Hank Keirsey (who some of you may have had as a History P, when we were cadets). His house is at the trail head, and we can use parking along his property, etc. My son and I executed a TEWT (if that is still a thing), this past Sunday. Please strive to attend this event!
I will provide more details later, but here are a few bullet points about the event:

  • Classmates volunteer to “sponsor” one of our fallen classmates
    • More information on how to “sponsor”, in an upcoming communication
  • Sponsors paint a rock, to memorialise the fallen classmate
  • We meet at Colonel Keirsey’s house (MineTorn Road – If you remember that area)
  • We have a forum to say a few things (or not) about our fallen classmates
  • Those who want to walk the trail, walk and carry the rocks up the trail
  • People are also welcome to stay at Colonel Kiersey’s, while other Classmates conduct the walk
    • Note – the walk is a little challenging, expect to have to scurry up rocks and a steep trail (Probably about 1 Kilometer long)
  • We place the rocks on the cairn
  • The views of the Hudson, at the cairn are spectacular
  • Beer and light refreshments will be served at Colonel Kiersey’s 
  • A campfire/bonfire will also be at the base camp
  • As we have had classmates who have become one of the “statistics” of suicide, I suggest those who attend this event join TeamRWB (it’s free and you will receive a TeamRWB shirt), and we wear our TeamRWB shirts for the event. https://www.teamrwb.org
  • My son will take a pictures/movies of the even, with his drone

Please view the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV0Ge6q2Vds

25th Reunion Weekend a Big Success

20th Reunion - End of Parade

We had over 370 classmates coming for the weekend.  At the game on Saturday, our class donated $600,000 to the Combating Terrorism Center under “The LTC Paul J. Finken and LTC James J. Walton Memorial Endowment”.  We couldn’t have raised those funds without each of you, who chose to allocate some hard-earned money to a great cause in honor of Paul and Jim.