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30th Reunion Event: Walk of the Fallen

We will be having an event, the Walk of the Fallen/Trail of the Fallen, on Sunday of our reunion (27 October), from 1pm-4pm. Some recent classes have added this event to their itinerary, with great success. Our host for this event is Colonel Hank Keirsey (who some of you may have had as a History P, when we were cadets). His house is at the trail head, and we can use parking along his property, etc. My son and I executed a TEWT (if that is still a thing), this past Sunday. Please strive to attend this event!
I will provide more details later, but here are a few bullet points about the event:

  • Classmates volunteer to “sponsor” one of our fallen classmates
    • More information on how to “sponsor”, in an upcoming communication
  • Sponsors paint a rock, to memorialise the fallen classmate
  • We meet at Colonel Keirsey’s house (MineTorn Road – If you remember that area)
  • We have a forum to say a few things (or not) about our fallen classmates
  • Those who want to walk the trail, walk and carry the rocks up the trail
  • People are also welcome to stay at Colonel Kiersey’s, while other Classmates conduct the walk
    • Note – the walk is a little challenging, expect to have to scurry up rocks and a steep trail (Probably about 1 Kilometer long)
  • We place the rocks on the cairn
  • The views of the Hudson, at the cairn are spectacular
  • Beer and light refreshments will be served at Colonel Kiersey’s 
  • A campfire/bonfire will also be at the base camp
  • As we have had classmates who have become one of the “statistics” of suicide, I suggest those who attend this event join TeamRWB (it’s free and you will receive a TeamRWB shirt), and we wear our TeamRWB shirts for the event.
  • My son will take a pictures/movies of the even, with his drone

Please view the following video:

@usma1989 on Instagram

I’ve set up @usma1989 ( on instagram for sharing photos.  It’s set up with a private profile so folks who aren’t approved followers won’t be able to see anything.  To share an image, just tag @usma1989.

USMA Cemetery Changes Eligibility Policy Temporarily

The West Point Cemetery is near capacity for the burial of remains in new gravesites.  Until the West Point Cemetery Expansion Program is completed in the next few years, providing 308 new in-ground casketed and 132 new in-ground inurnment plots, some changes have been made to the eligibility policy.  See this memorandum for complete details — USMA Cemetery Policy 2014.

Wreath-Laying Ceremony A Huge Success

We started off our 25th reunion year with a great event in Washington, DC — a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Saturday, 24 May 2014.  The Fife & Drum Corps and the US Army Drill Team performed prior to the ceremonANC 2014 Wreath-Layingy.

COL James Markert (H2 ’89) was the Regimental Commander, 3d US Infantry Regt, “The Old Guard”, at the time and he coordinated with Dave Kammen (F1, ’89), Director of Operations & Plans at Arlington National Cemetery, to schedule this event.

Over 50 classmates aANC 2014 Groupnd even more family members attended the day’s events, ending up at the O-Club for a few drinks. Make sure to join us next time!  There’s no place like Arlington on Memorial Day Weekend.

Is there a complete list of classmates online?

There isn’t a list on our web site, but there is a list at WP-ORG’s Graduate
Living History Project
.  The list of ’89 grads is at

You don’t need to log in to see the list of names, but you will need to do
so if you want to see most of the biographical entries.  If you do
want to log in and enter your information or view other’s information,
it is the same password as you use for the class web site.