30th Reunion Event: Walk of the Fallen

We will be having an event, the Walk of the Fallen/Trail of the Fallen, on Sunday of our reunion (27 October), from 1pm-4pm. Some recent classes have added this event to their itinerary, with great success. Our host for this event is Colonel Hank Keirsey (who some of you may have had as a History P, when we were cadets). His house is at the trail head, and we can use parking along his property, etc. My son and I executed a TEWT (if that is still a thing), this past Sunday. Please strive to attend this event!
I will provide more details later, but here are a few bullet points about the event:

  • Classmates volunteer to “sponsor” one of our fallen classmates
    • More information on how to “sponsor”, in an upcoming communication
  • Sponsors paint a rock, to memorialise the fallen classmate
  • We meet at Colonel Keirsey’s house (MineTorn Road – If you remember that area)
  • We have a forum to say a few things (or not) about our fallen classmates
  • Those who want to walk the trail, walk and carry the rocks up the trail
  • People are also welcome to stay at Colonel Kiersey’s, while other Classmates conduct the walk
    • Note – the walk is a little challenging, expect to have to scurry up rocks and a steep trail (Probably about 1 Kilometer long)
  • We place the rocks on the cairn
  • The views of the Hudson, at the cairn are spectacular
  • Beer and light refreshments will be served at Colonel Kiersey’s 
  • A campfire/bonfire will also be at the base camp
  • As we have had classmates who have become one of the “statistics” of suicide, I suggest those who attend this event join TeamRWB (it’s free and you will receive a TeamRWB shirt), and we wear our TeamRWB shirts for the event. https://www.teamrwb.org
  • My son will take a pictures/movies of the even, with his drone

Please view the following video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV0Ge6q2Vds

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