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LTC Frank Sturek on 60 Minutes

LTC Frank Sturek (C4) ’89, the Commander of Task Force Warrior in Afghanistan was recently profiled recently on 60 Minutes.  Watch the video.

Tom Deierlein Injured in Iraq

Tom Deierlein (C1) ’89 was shot in his left hip in Iraq on either Sunday, 10 Sep or Monday, 11 Sep. According to an update from Hiwot, Tom is doing fine and will return home soon.  Updates can also be found at Dynamic Logic’s website for Tom —

Tom is being transported to the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital via Germany.  We are expecting him in the US by the Weekend.  He was shot in the left hip Saturday Morning and has since had at least one surgery.  He is expected to go through 4-6 months of recovery and will no doubt be in touch with everyone via email shortly. 

His Family and I are doing fine and will be joining him as soon as the doctor will allow us to.  He will be coming home for good and is finished with his tour.

He still took a moment to remember Sept 11th also sends his "Best Wishes" to everyone.  I will send out more updates as I receive them.


An update on Tom’s condition as of 1300 15 Sep 2006:

Thank you everyone for well-wishes and prayers! 
Tom is on his way to Walter Reed Army Hospital today, Fri the15th.  He is expected to arrive sometime after Midnight.  His pelvis was shattered from the gunshot and will have to be reconstructed by an Orthopedic Surgeon.  This is expected to take 4 -6 months of rehab at a minimum.  
He is still in a lot of pain but is getting good meds.  Depending on his next surgery, he might be able to take visitors as early as next weekend, Sep 22nd.  No doubt, an email to follow with directions and visiting hours will follow shortly.  He’ll still be a little uncomfortable and cranky (His words) so we’ll have to take his visits slowly in the beginning.  
I’ve spoken with him regularly and have relayed your messages.  Dynamic Logic has been kind enough to create a very thoughtful website to consolidate a lot of the well-wishes.  I will continue to check my email daily as well.   The website is:
Thank you again for your Love and Support.  It really means a lot to all of us, including our Families.  Many of you have asked about an address to send cards.  I will include the address in the next email after we are sure that Tom will remain at Walter Reed.  There is still a slight possibility that the Army may move him to a different hospital to recover.
An update on Tom’s condition as of 22 Sep 2006:

All, once again, we can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers, well-wishes, and support.  Tom looks better as the days pass.  He’s been at Walter Reed for a week now and most of the tests, diagnoses, prognoses are complete.  Tom’s left rear pelvis, most of his Sacrum, and right rear pelvis were shattered by the tumbling round that pierced him. (7.62mm caliber)

The most important thing for him, is to start his 3 months rehabilitation that entails a non-weight bearing restriction on his pelvis.  Basically, he will be confined to a bed and reclining wheelchair while we wait and see how much his body will heal itself.  Early to mid-next week, he is planning on heading down to one of the top spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers in the VA system for his injury that is located in Tampa Bay Florida, Home of Special Operations Command. 

He has a continued positive attitude about the future, however, there is very little that the doctors can tell him until he recovers and heals over the next 3 months. 

For those of you that are close by and are interested in visiting him at the Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, he is now up for short visits of 10 to 20 minutes.  Many visits may be interrupted by doctor rounds or therapy.  He has switched rooms to room #5861.  You can also simply call him on his Temporary Cell phone number of (703) 655-0162.  We are still waiting for his belongings to return from Iraq and then his old cell phone of (917) 287-5961 will be valid. 

Walter Reed Medical Center

6900 Georgia Ave
Main Hospital, Ward 58, Room 5861
Washington, DC

The best hours are: 12pm-3:30 and 5pm-9pm.  Feel free to contact me at (212) 729-1781 and I will be able to let you know how he is feeling for the day as far as visiting goes.  He has a single room and it can get a little cramped. 

We are still not exactly certain that Tampa will be his next stop for Rehab, but there is a high chance.  Once we are settled in to Tampa, and have an idea of his new rehab schedule, Tom will definitely love to have visitors to help alleviate the boredom of 3 month’s bed rest as well as personally say "Thank you" for everyone’s support.  While he would really like to have visitors in Walter Reed, he is mostly interested in visitors in Tampa.

Thank you again for all of the emails.  We have been without Internet for the past week and are now re-connected thanks to Dynamic Logic.  If anyone has further questions, don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Heartfelt Thanks,

Kevin Hub Earns Ed.D.

Kevin Hub (A1) ’89 successfully defended his Ed. D. dissertation at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.  His research is in the field of leadership education, titled An Investigation of the Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence Competencies of Public School Superintendents in Kentucky and Student Achievement.  Congratulations Dr. Hub!

Kevin is currently the Assistant Superintendent in the Madison County School system in Kentucky.
I recently asked him about his studies and his current job and Kevin responded with the following:

What do you like best about your current job?

The job of assistant superintendent of schools is parallel to chief operating officer in the business world.  Our organization has more than 2000 employees and an operating budget in excess of $70 million.  Among my many responsibilities are human resources and leadership development, which closely match my passion for leadership and service.  Everyday I get a chance to see other adults doing whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of young people.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference for our next generation of leaders.

How did USMA and the Army help prepare you for your current job?

I began my career as a high school math & geography teacher.  My USMA engineering background, and my world travel compliments of Uncle Sam, was very helpful in grabbing the attention of my students.  Ironically, my military experience caused many adults to think of me only as a “drill sergeant,” a classroom teacher with strong classroom management and discipline.  Once I entered school leadership, perceptions changed, and others began to embrace my training and experiences as a leader, which helped me earn their respect.

What would be your advice to classmates pursuing an Ed. D.?

Dale Henderson answered a similar question remarking on how “slack” the civilian education process can be.  I agree.  Therefore, my advice to classmates would be to develop a plan and stick with it.  I was able to complete a 60-hour, on-campus program (including oral comprehensive exams, a dissertation, and a defense) in 25 months…only because I had a plan, and did not deviate.