Kevin Hub Earns Ed.D.

Kevin Hub (A1) ’89 successfully defended his Ed. D. dissertation at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.  His research is in the field of leadership education, titled An Investigation of the Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence Competencies of Public School Superintendents in Kentucky and Student Achievement.  Congratulations Dr. Hub!

Kevin is currently the Assistant Superintendent in the Madison County School system in Kentucky.
I recently asked him about his studies and his current job and Kevin responded with the following:

What do you like best about your current job?

The job of assistant superintendent of schools is parallel to chief operating officer in the business world.  Our organization has more than 2000 employees and an operating budget in excess of $70 million.  Among my many responsibilities are human resources and leadership development, which closely match my passion for leadership and service.  Everyday I get a chance to see other adults doing whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of young people.  I’m blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference for our next generation of leaders.

How did USMA and the Army help prepare you for your current job?

I began my career as a high school math & geography teacher.  My USMA engineering background, and my world travel compliments of Uncle Sam, was very helpful in grabbing the attention of my students.  Ironically, my military experience caused many adults to think of me only as a “drill sergeant,” a classroom teacher with strong classroom management and discipline.  Once I entered school leadership, perceptions changed, and others began to embrace my training and experiences as a leader, which helped me earn their respect.

What would be your advice to classmates pursuing an Ed. D.?

Dale Henderson answered a similar question remarking on how “slack” the civilian education process can be.  I agree.  Therefore, my advice to classmates would be to develop a plan and stick with it.  I was able to complete a 60-hour, on-campus program (including oral comprehensive exams, a dissertation, and a defense) in 25 months…only because I had a plan, and did not deviate.


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