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Amy Blanchard Efaw (H3) Wins Borders Book Award

Amy Blanchard Efaw's (H3) '89 novel for teens, AFTER, won Border's "Original Voices" Award for 2009 in the children's/young adult book category.  Through the award, Borders recognizes original and compelling works by new authors in such categories as Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children/Young Adult.

Children/Young Adult:  "After," by Amy Efaw and published by Penguin (Viking), is the Original Voices winner in the Children/Young Adult Category. Emotionally raw and gut wrenching, Efaw's "After" is the unforgettable story of straight-A-student Devon Davenport who becomes pregnant, gives birth in her apartment and then does the unthinkable—throws the baby in the dumpster. Through skillful writing, Efaw sets Davenport on a course of clarity, acceptance and redemption and brings readers along for the journey. The selection committee found that "By all of today's standards, Davenport should be a despicable character, though through airtight storytelling, Efaw pulls readers into the thought process of the character and allows them to actually sympathize with her."

Nate Lamar (A3) in Custom Retailer Magazine

Nate Lamar (A3) '89 made the cover of January's issue of "Custom Retailer"!  Nate is the International Regional Manager and Government Relations Manager for Draper, Inc

A former Army officer and automobile industry manager, fluent in four languages, Nate was hired to develop new business and manage sales and marketing in the Developing World (specifically Central & South Asia; Latin America; Middle East/Africa). Nate grew these often difficult emerging markets by 12 percent in 2001, 36 percent in 2004 and 25 percent in 2006, and has received numerous Draper Sales Excellence Awards. Nate uses his knowledge of government procedures to assist Draper in promoting the AV industry to federal, state and county governments. In 2006, he was elected to his part-time county legislature and serves as its president. 

Congratulations, Nate!