ADSO Program Results

Reprinted with permission from the wp-forum:

By now, most of the members of this forum will have heard about the Army G1’s three incentive programs to strengthen officer retention.  The first offers cadets, both USMA and ROTC, the opportunity to attend graduate school at government expense in exchange for an active duty service obligation (ADSO) of eight years.  The second gives cadets the chance to select branches they might otherwise not have gotten; again, the cost is an eight-year ADSO.  The third allows cadets to choose posts for additional ADSO.

Here are the results for the USMA Class of 2006:  a total of 331 cadets will have eight-year active-duty obligations.  That’s 38% of the 878 who will be commissioned into the Army.  236 took the graduate school for additional service option; 61 participated in branch for service; and 34 cadets got their choice of post for ADSO.

I understand that the graduate-school-for-ADSO program will also be offered to junior officers, but I don’t know which year groups will be involved.

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