Afghani Cadet in ’09

In light of the recent news about the former ambassador for the Taliban, Rahmatullah Hashemi, who has been admitted as a 27 year-old freshman at Yale despite his service as a spokesman for the hated regime and his 4th-grade level education, I thought I’d highlight how West Point has done this right.  Yale could learn something from our nation’s oldest military academy — go over to Afghanistan and find the best and brightest:

Yosoufzai, then a sophomore at Kabul University, wanted to follow his father’s footsteps to help his country’s military become more professional. He could have pursued a military academy education in Kabul where his family lives, but instead applied to West Point, which he calls the top military academy in the world.

He comes to the academy under the international cadet program designed to generate goodwill and inculcate American military ethics and values abroad. The long-running program has taken in cadets from dozens of countries, from Nigeria to Singapore to Croatia.

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