Class Ring Melt Ceremony

Monday morning a contingent from West Point to include the 2007 Vice President, Cadet Tim OConnor, the Ring & Crest Chair, Cadet Tim Allen, Cadet Dan Fisher (nephew of one of the donors), the Class OIC, MAJ Mike McCoy97 and the Class Advisor and Regimental Tactical Officer, LTC Tom Macdonald will accompany John Calabro and me to the ceremony at the Pease & Curren refinery in Warwick, RI, to melt the twelve rings that have been donated to the program.  We will be joined there by two living donors and the families of three other donors.  As in the past it will be a solemn ceremony.  A news release is available with more details.  One addition to that release is that in addition to the 12 rings donated this year I will be bringing back a sample from last year which contains some gold from every one of the 91 rings previously donated to the program.  The management and staff of the Pease & Curren refinery have been full partners in this process for the past five years and have offered their services gratis.

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