Buy Online through WP-ORG

As a reminder as we head into the holiday shopping season, WP-ORG (the organization that hosts our class web site, e-mail list, and last year’s reunion registration) has an Amazon affiliate online store that earns a commission on every purchase made through that web site.  The commission comes out of Amazon’s profit, so it is no extra cost to you — and makes a great way to help support WP-ORG.

Amazon now sells much more than books — you can buy DVD’s, electronics, computers, software, cameras, clothes, jewelry and much more.  If you are looking for a particular item, use the search box at the top left of the site.  The results will show up on the screen and be "tagged" as giving the commission to WP-ORG if you continue to Amazon through those links.  Just remember to come back to the link and search for each item you’re wanting to purchase so that the purchase will be correctly "tagged".

Amazon does not give any indication that the commission is coming to WP-ORG, but if you follow the directions above and go through the link for each purchase, rest assured that WP-ORG will get the commission.

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