Southside Gathering, Friday May 28 2021

Greetings and Salutations,

WHO: All who care

WHAT: The monthly Southside Gathering of West Point grads, family and friends of grads

WHEN: Friday, 28 May, on or about 1900 hours

WHERE: Crosstown Grill, Peachtree City, GA

WHY: “I’ve got no where else to be” (name the movie)

See ya there,

Jack F. Smith ’81
El Capitan
Southside Gathering

February Southside Event


We had six show up for the January Gathering. Truth in advertising, John showed promptly at 7:00 pm to pick up a take out order. He had been out of town the entire week and did not know we were having a gathering. But hey, you show you get counted.

Any way, it is clear that Wednesday gatherings are not fan favorites…so we are moving back to Fridays. Here are the particulars for the February Southside Gathering (notice the location) :

Who: All

What: For the third time now; February Southside Gathering

When: Friday, 26 February, starting at 7:00 PM

Where: Crosstown Grill, Peachtree City, GA

Why: Your dog wants you to get out of the house

Looking forward to seeing one and all.

Jack F. Smith ’81
El Capitan
Southside Gathering

Southside Gathering new day new place

Happy New Year one and all,

We had 19 people show up to watch Army drop a double digit lead in the second half to West Virginia. Still a great season for the Commander-in-Chief winning Black Knights.

Time has drawn nigh for our monthly Southside Gathering. We start 2021 with a Southside Gathering that is at a new location and on a different night. Here are the particulars:

Who: Who do you think you are, mister big shot?

What: The January Southside Gathering of USMA grads, family, and friends of grads

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, 27 January, starting at 1900 HRS


Why: On Wednesday, Crosstown Grill has half price wine all day; they have a great menu and it is quiet.

Bring your significant other for a Wednesday Southside date night.

Jack F. Smith ’81
El Capitan
Southside Gathering


Army vs West Virginia Liberty Bowl Southside Watch Party at CROSSTOWN GRILL


Long subject for rather simple concept.

We did have 17 people show up to watch Army capture the Commander-in-Chief trophy by trouncing Air Force in a game never in question. (yes the passing of time may have confused me as to how close the game was…but the fact is we won so convincingly, that Army takes the trophy. Case closed)

Army plays the West Virginia Mountaineers for the 2020 rendition of the Independence Bowl. The Southside will gather to watch the game….but it is important that you actually read the subject line…we have a change in venue. Here are the particulars:

WHO: All of you and anyone else you can drag with you

WHAT: Army plays the West Virginia Mountaineers in the Independence Bowl

WHEN: New Years Eve, 31 December 2020, at 1600 hrs

WHERE: BREAK, BREAK, BREAK Crosstown Grill in Peachtree City, GA

WHY: Crosstown Grill Happy Hour is from 1400-1700 every day. Thursday is VIP day where VIP members get half off 20 oz drinks, They have really good food and, for every one who shows up, I will personally tell you why we had a change in venue.

Trust me, I fully expect at least two people will show up at the wrong venue. I would tell you who but most of the regulars already know.

See you Thursday!

Jack F. Smith ’81
El Capitan
Southside Gathering

Army vs. Air Force CiC Football game watch party – Southside

Commander and Chief Trophy game.

We had 35 show up to watch Army put a 3-0 unsurmountable halftime lead on Navy which translated to a dominating 15-0 Black Knight victory.

Saturday, Army lays claim to the Commander in Chief trophy following a beat down of Air Force.

The Southside watch party is on with the following particulars:

WHAT: Air Force vs Army Southside football game watch party

WHEN: Saturday, 19 Dec, at 1500 hours

WHERE: Y-Knots Sports Bar and Grill…upstairs, down stairs, just look for people wearing the black, the grey, and the gold

According to ESPN, Army has a 52% probability of a victory…obviously a pick-em game but ESPN has not been wrong on a single Army game this year.

Let us barbecue some birds on Saturday,

Jack F. Smith ’81
El Capitan
Southside Gathering