West Point Atlanta Founders Day Awards

When: Saturday, 28 March 2020

It’s that time again!

The West Point Society of Atlanta is ready to accept nominations for its two annual awards for 2020 – the “Distinguished Graduate Award” and the “Outstanding Citizen Award”. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Founders’ Day, March 28, 2020, is just around the corner, so we need nominations as quickly as possible.

We need the membership as a whole to nominate candidates for the “Distinguished Graduate” and “Outstanding Citizen” awards to be presented at the Founders’ Day Dinner on March 28, 2020.

So – put on your “Critical Thinking” caps and send us some names!!! You know who is out there – the selection committee does not. The criteria is set out on our web site for each award. To read the criteria, go to the section below labeled “LINKS.”

We will have a two step process for the selection. Send us your nominee’s names and an extremely short sketch explaining why they should be selected.

See the section below labeled “Links” for the format. If you have any questions please contact Jeff Plank, ’85, at , who can provide assistance with the nomination process.

The selection committee will review the nominations and select a short list for further elaboration and the final selection process. The members making nominations on the short list will be notified and assistance offered to put the nominations in final form.

If you have immediate questions, call Jeff Plank at 404-932-8198
Submit your initial nominations to Jeff Plank at

He will assist you in whipping them into shape for the Selection Committee to consider so they can create the short list. A significant amount of the selection process is performed electronically, so we will need to be able to pass documents via e-mail.

The Selection Committee consists of WPSA members at large. Only the chairman is a member of the Board of Governors. Jeff Plank at (Member of BOG) will be the chairman this year. The other members have been selected from across several decades and will be approved by the BOG.

If you would be interested in serving on the Selection Committee, please contact Jeff Plank at .

Final selection of the awardees will take place in a Selection Committee meeting in February.

Nomination submissions: 19 Dec 2019 through 9 Jan 2020.
Short list completed: 16 Jan 2020.
Elaborated Nomination Submission: 30 Jan 2020
Selection Completed; BOG ratified: 13 Feb 2020

At this point, keep nominations short.

Below is a list of links to the WPSA web site giving details for the awards and information to help you prepare a nomination.

Distinguished Graduate Award Criteria (DGA)
Outstanding Citizen Award Criteria (OCA)
Nomination Format, DGA
Nomination Format, OCA

Thanks and good writing!
Your input makes the awards possible. You know who is out there and deserves recognition. It is not easy to prepare a nomination – but the results are rewarding for all concerned.

Thank you for your help in this endeavor.


Board of Governors
West Point Society of Atlanta

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ARMY – GSU tailgate and Football game information

Army Tailgate Information Brochure +

Tailgate starts at 1430 on Saturday, Oct 19 2019.

Directions to the GSU Parking Lots:

Parking Info (lots open at 7:30 a.m. for pass holders)

Fans who purchased a parking pass in advance can enter the lots as early as 7:30 a.m.

Blue Lot

FROM THE AIRPORT AND THE SOUTH: Take exit #246-Fulton Street.

FROM THE NORTH: Take Exit # 246 – Fulton Street.

FROM THE EAST: Take Exit #58-B-Hill Street. Turn left onto Hill Street. Turn right onto Glenwood. Glenwood becomes Fulton Street.

FROM THE WEST: Take Exit #56-B-Windsor St./Spring Street. Turn right onto Windsor Street. Turn left onto Fulton Street.

Tailgate located in the southwest corner of the Blue Lot.

Special Instructions

General Information:
Bring a poncho and cold weather gear (umbrellas not allowed in stadium).
Tailgate will be located in the southwest corner of the Blue Lot and will be from 2:30 to 6:45 pm; stadium opens at 5:30; kickoff at 7:00 pm.
The tailgate pep rally will be approximately 5-6 pm led by the Superintendent and sponsors. The West Point Band, Rabble Rousers, and Falcons’ Cheerleaders will also provide entertainment.
There will be plenty of tables and chairs.

Please PRINT your 1) Tailgate Ticket, 2) Parking Pass if applicable, 3) Game Ticket. We cannot help after Friday, 4pm with any inquiries as GSU will be closed.

Specific Instructions:
Bring your tailgate tickets (receipt from purchase or special ticket issued by Jan Heath). If your party is coming in multiple groups, please provide them with copies of your receipt to facilitate entry. You will turn in your tailgate passes upon entry.

Bring your parking pass (either printed copy or on mobile device); it is “general” parking–not numbered. Parking passes were sent via email from Georgia State University. Please allow enough time to enter Blue Lot and park.

The Blue Parking Lot is sold out so please call the GSU Ticket Office at 404-413-4173 or 404-413-4020 to purchase a parking pass in the Orange Lot.

Bring your ID; wrist bands will issued according to age.

You will be given a meal ticket when you enter tailgate: choice of Fox Bros BBQ or Chick-fil-A meal. Beer, lemonade, sweet and unsweet tea, and water provided. This is for the 1st serving round to ensure everyone gets something to eat. There will be plenty of food, so do not despair!

Games area for children and adults: face painting, balloon artist, corn holes, chin-up competition, and football toss.

There will be drawings for two corn hole sets and Falcons’ Tickets in the Owner’s suite. Donations will be accepted. BRING CASH!

Winners must be present to claim their prize(s).

There will be shuttle service from the tailgate to the Stadium FOR ELDERLY, CHILDREN and physically impaired. There will be no return service to the parking lot after the game will be provided (please make arrangements for pickup).

There will be no refunds due to inclement weather.

We MAY allow ticket purchases on Game Day depending on capacity. We cannot have more than 2,000 people. Right now, we have 2,000 coming via confirmed ticket sales. Professional security staff will be present to handle/detain any free loaders.

Stadium Rules:

  1. “Clear Bag Policy”
  2. No reentry into Stadium
  3. No umbrellas–only rain gear and ponchos.
  4. No strollers

Go Army – BEAT GSU

Directions to the GSU Parking Lots

Parking Info (lots open at 7:30 a.m. for pass holders)
Parking Map

Fans who purchased a parking pass in advance can enter the lots as early as 7:30 a.m.

Blue Lot

FROM THE AIRPORT AND THE SOUTH:  Take exit #246-Fulton Street.

FROM THE NORTH:  Take Exit # 246 – Fulton Street.

FROM THE EAST:  Take Exit #58-B-Hill Street. Turn left onto Hill Street.  Turn right onto Glenwood.  Glenwood becomes Fulton Street.

FROM THE WEST:  Take Exit #56-B-Windsor St./Spring Street.  Turn right onto Windsor Street.  Turn left onto Fulton Street.

Tailgate located in the southwest corner of the Blue Lot.