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West Point Plebe Knowledge ~ 2007 (except origin of Cadet Gray is WRONG! See West Point Lore above)


West Point Cadet Life Project Gutenberg

Survivor's Checklists (ctsy KC Brown):  Army Retiree Casualty, MOAAS Survivors, USAA Survivors, Survivor 5 Steps

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Academy Awards

Notable Distinguished Grad Mike Krzyzewski

Distinguished Grad Jodie Glore    Distinguished Grad Bob Kimmitt    Distinguished Graduate Scott Wallace

Class Gift

"Thank You '69 Graduates for Your Commitment"

On May 21, COL (R) Wayne Murphy, Fundraising Chairman, and Mr. Mike McGovern, Class President, presented two checks to WPAOG on behalf of the Class of 1969 for a
total of $2,275,000 in support of the Simon Center for Professional Military Ethic, the Cyber Research Center, and the Long Gray Line Endowment. Not only did 436
Class of 1969 graduates come to West Point to celebrate their 50th Reunion, but the class allocated $50,000 of their gift to the Long Gray Line Endowment to commemorate
WPAOG's 150th Anniversary.  Thank you to the Class of 1969 for their tremendous support!  (West Point Magazine, Summer 2019)


Simon Center for Professional Military Ethic

Cadet Prayer

"Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow."  --  Cicero  "Tusculanarum Disputationum," I. 45, ~ 45 BC
"Where the Hudson takes a hard right, West Point teaches the Harder Right." -- W. Bahr, USMA '69 @ 2014

 "Honorable Living" Draft of White Paper by Col. Peterson

Superintendent's Character Development Strategy:  Live Honorably and Build Trust

West Point's 1st Character Development Strategy (17 pages)

West Point's 1st Character Program (Gold Book) (35 pages)

Please Pledge50th Reunion

History of Class Gifts



1969 Data

Link immediately above to Class data.  Also, 4YI:

west-point.org Class List email (moderator Hugh Donohue):  usma1969@west-point.org begun by Hugh Donohue on 13 July 1996
west-point.org Class Forum email (moderator Hugh Donohue):  usma1969-forum@west-point.org begun by Hugh Donohue on 31 July 2005
west-point.org Class 4um email (moderator Bill Bahr):  usma1969-4um@west-point.org begun by Bill Bahr on 29 March 2012
west-point.org Class website (webmaster Bill Bahr):  www.west-point.org/class/usma1969 begun by Bill Bahr on 4 July 2013
(with redirect from www.usma1969.org on 26 May 2015)
The Days Forward (webmaster Chris Rice):  www.thedaysforward.com begun by Chris & Suzanne (Bill) Rice on 7 Aug 2014
Sallyport  Class webpage (Administrators Bahr, KC Brown, Champagne) begun on 1 December 2021   

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The Wall Roster Spreadsheet Download

Once downloaded spreadsheet is open, sort by Class (bottom left tab) for classmates killed in Vietnam.


National Name Database (West Point)


1968 Football Roster


1968 150 Pound Football


For What They Gave on Saturday Afternoon


   Book Nook of Class Authors on Amazon  

Skip Bacevich    Terry Bacon   Bill Bahr    Gary Dolan    Pete Grimm    Mike Healy    Jim Johnson*    Dick Leucke    Chaz Kibert    Mike Krzyzewski   Jim McDonough   

Ron Moore (x69)  Jerry Morelock  Tom Ramos  Ed Rehkopf  John Rountree  Glenn Schiraldi  Charles Stewart  Hugh Stirts** Lucian Truscott  David Vaught  Mick Zais      

and our 1st Regimental Commander, MOH recipient:  Colonel Ralph Puckett

and our Brigade CSM:  CSM Ted G. Arthurs

 *Also search for "America's First River"  **Google Books   NB: Contact Webmaster if have book for sale @ Amazon & wish listing.
 George Washington's Liberty Key:  Mount Vernon's Bastille Key -- the Mystery and Magic of its Body, Mind, and Soul   www.bahrnoproducts.com/Bastille_Key.htm

Amazon book reviews by Bill Bahr


Oral History

Skip Bacevich

Chaplain Dick Camp

Gary Dolan

Michael Nardotti

Michael Steele


West Point Magazine Article

"From Washington to Palmer: 'The Story of Leaders of Character'"   Alternate View



Jim McDonough  "Platoon Leader" (2 parts: 9A & 9B)



Tom Ramos' "From Berkeley to Berlin" (8-part lecture series at Lawrence Livermore)


Class Discount

Consumer Classmate Real Discount Deals ≥ the Best Offers to/from Others

Irish Pub Posters from Mike Healy:  Buy one 16x20 poster and receive a free 8x10 photo of your choice...
or buy an 8x10 photo and receive one free of your choice.  Deals not offered to the public. 
Contact Mike here to choose your free item.
See Mike's 2012 Ireland Mini-reunion video on Photos/Videos page
Register here for various Ireland Reunion events with classmate Mike Healey, while supporting your West-Point.org

Discounts often 15-50% off when Zazzle occasionally puts on sale a day or two at a time:
Go Army, Beat Navy! Beer Bottle Cozy (editable/personalizable)
Go Army, Beat Navy! Beer Can Cooler (editable/personalizable)



    Bean Navy!!    West Point Lore
"On Brave Old Army Team" and other fight song music in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Includes interesting West Point lore research findings.

Classy Threads

Gift Shop   Shop the Point   Go Army Sports   Love A Cadet   Museum Gift Shop   Cadet Stores

Ring Repair/Resizing/Recovery

201 262-8800


West Point Magazine


Troop Leading Guide

'69 Troop Leading Guide    Troop Leading Procedures    Soldier's Blue Book


New Cadet Preparation-PDF


Spit Shine Shoes

West Point Museum


Virtual West Point Tour

Here's a link that allows one to wander around Washington Hall, with a little bit of creativity.  https://goo.gl/maps/btEF22ArJJ9it9AVA

Other USMA exploring opportunities from Doug Lobdell, USMA 1980 Moderator:

"Go to maps.google.com  Use the search bar (upper left) to look for West Point NY.  Zoom in a bit.  Now a bit more.  Pick up the little guy in the lower left [or right] hand corner.  Available street view places will show up as dark lines overlaid on the map. Drop the little guy on the place you want to go. Its a pretty neat feature.  I use street view frequently to recon routes to new restaurants, take pictures of relevant buildings for reports at work, or show friends where I used to live.  The detailed views of USMA are a great addition."  

Graduate FAQs

Howitzers & Bugles Notes
Cadet Store Items
Plumes, Caps, & Uniforms
Wedding Sabers and Instructions
Giving to West Point
Parades at West Point and Parades

Veterans Information


Veterans Discounts



     In remembrance...Music (with Microsoft Internet Explorer) /Videos    


Screen Savers


Classmate Grad Tours

Ireland tours with Mike Healy

South African tours with Pete Grimm


Old Grad Websites/Music

West Point Band (Spotify [free] signup required for full music)

Glee Club Videos:   Mansions of the Lord     Til the Last Shot's Fired

USMA Band's YouTubes:  "Thumper"        "West Point On the March"

 1963 (E-book)

AOG Class Websites  - Click on underlined class numbers -  West-Point.org Class Websites

Our 1919 Affiliation Class?


iSABRD (internet Service Academy Business Resource Directory)



1969, a very good year?  Ah, yes, I remember it well!

Pop History     Economy/Prices     Wiki Overview      Billboard Top Hits     Music Hits (YouTube) 
100 Greatest Songs    "Summer of '69" (69' - the best year of our lives?)
Nostalgia Machine   100 Hot Singles of 1969
  A tribute to the USMA Class of 1969:  "West Point -- The Hard and Harder Right"

"I'm Mister Gung Ho,
I get a dress-off wherever I go!
I shine my B-plate up, write my classmate up!
I go to chapel TWICE on Sunday!
I believe in the Haze, before I go to bed I say 'The Days!'
My tac thinks I'm strac 'cause by girlfriend's a WAC
I'm at West Point, I'm Mr. Gung Ho!"
(as remembered by Jerry Morelock, USMA '69)


Other Military/Academy Links

      www.westpoint.edu, www. usma.edu, www.west-point.org, www.westpointaog.org, www.aogusma.org, www.aafes.com, www.cadetstuff.org, www.usmilitaryabout.com, www.goarmysports.com, www.academyphoto.com, www.usaa.com, www.penfed.org.

As well as the Parent Club of Illinois' website, www.west-point.org/parent/wppc-illinois/joomla , and the many links it offers (eg, www.usma.edu, aka www.usma.army.mil), you are encouraged to visit www.west-point.org, the entry- way to a number of helpful services, to include Plebe-Net (join at www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net) and Parent Forum (www.west-point.org/parent/parent-forum), and a sponsored site put together by cadets themselves:  www.westpointcadets.org.  For a link to USMA's "Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences," click here www.soshjournal.org.  For quick questions and answers, check out www.west-point.org/parent/wpp-net/faq and www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net/links.htm www.west-point.org/academy/malo-wa/inspirations/buglenotes.html and www.combat.ws/S4/MILTERMS/WP0SLANG.HTM have very nice collections of plebe knowledge. 

For www.usma.edu, the "Search/Reference" section is a very useful tool.  Go there and you will also find the Academy's master calendar (www.dean.usma.edu/sebpublic/mastercalendar) to discover march days and other events.  Under another section, "Agencies," click on "USCC Commandant's Corner" for contacts at the Directorate of Cadet Activities.  Please realize that many USCC (things pertaining to the Corps, and specifically training of the Corps) are not listed on the calendar.  Also, the reference to WPS is "West Point School," the elementary school on post ─ NOT the Academy.  The following allows access to the Cadet Library:  http://www.library.usma.edu/index.cfm?TabID=6&LinkCategoryID=49   Also check out http://www.militarynewcomers.com/WESTPOINT/resources/yp_01.html for their Yellow Pages.  For a link to valuable Parent Club information, you can also check out www.usma.edu/publicaffairs/club.htm.  A digital collection from the Academy's Library is located at:  http://digital-library.usma.edu/collections/.  The local Association of Graduates (AOG) society can be found at www.aogusma.org/soc/chicago Parent resources, as recommended by the AOG, can be found at www.aogusma.org/wpf/parents-fund/resource.htm.  Also at:  http://www.west-point.org/parent/plebe-net/links.htm  Alumni support information can be found at www.westpointaog.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=2705 .  Vietnam Wall roster of Academy graduates:  www.academybiznet.org/VietnamMemorial.html USMA class mottos & graduation history USMA Company names and mascots

Click here for Academy's founding document.  Please use the following site to obtain multiple reproductions of this document (especially for Founders Day place mats):  www.westpointgiftstore.com  Why was gray chosen for the cadet uniforms?  www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform1a.pdf , www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform2a.pdf , www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/GrayUniform3a.pdf , and www.bahrnoproducts.com/PDF/CadetGrayfor3Sep2009.pdf .  Academy fight songs:  www.bahrnoproducts.com/Bean%20Navy.htm

Academy Library:  http://www.usma.edu/library/SitePages/Home.aspx   Digital Collections:  http://digital-library.usma.edu/cdm/ 

Pritzker Military Library:  http://www.pritzkermilitarylibrary.org/home/default.aspx

West Point Engineer   West Point lore 

The following sites relate to Academy sports:  www.goarmysports.com, www.armysports.com, and www.armyrfc.com (rugby). 

The following sites include Academy-related gift items:  www.westpointgiftstore.com, www.shopthepoint.com, www.goarmysports.com, www.thecorpshas.com, www.loveacadet.com, www.dusagiftshop.org, www.usma.edu/uscc/dca/stores/stores.htm, www.vasily.com, and www.skyviewpictures.com/skyviewstore/products.php?catid=9&category=West%20Point .  When buying books and other items through Amazon.com, shop here and give one of the Academy's support organizations a credit at no cost to you:  http://gradstore.west-point.org/    However, once you start jumping around the gradstore site, the commission structure breaks. 
Aerial photos of West Point  
Flowers at West Point

The following site pays tribute to West Point's Hard and Harder Right:  http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1969/28260/

West Point magazine article:  "From Washington to Palmer: 'The Story of Leaders of Character'"      Alternate View

"Leader of Character" exhibit at the Museum and Education Center at Mount Vernon

"Good moral character is the first essential in a man." -- George Washington


     For art, check this out.    Music with Internet Explorer.    

The following sites link to numerous other sites providing military information:  www.aogusma.org, www.moaa.org, www.military.com, www.army.mil, and www.army.mil/soldiers, and www.vfw.org.  Military items can be found at www.supertrooper.com, www.uscavstore.com, and www.aafes.com The Military Channel videos can be found at http://military.discover.com. Link to B2B service academy graduate networking service:  www.isabrd.com www.combat.ws/S4/MILTERMS/INDEX.HTM has a very nice glossary of military terms.  Casual web-searches on appropriate keywords will lead you to still more official and interesting sites, eg the one video (click here) where Clint Eastwood branches Signal Corps!!   : )    Catch all the episodes:  "West Point:  The Television Series Here's an overview of the first season
When ordering, don't forget, first click 
  to support west-point.org, then search using keywords "West Point Television Series"


Personal Web Page Development Help




Stay Connected

Stay in Touch with West Point

There's so much great news around West Point that we can't include it all in First Call. Grad News is all about the Long Gray Line, and USMA & Cadet News highlights the Corps and the Academy. You can also follow WPAOG on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and listen to our podcast.


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