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2/2/14:   Also, check the opportunity to make entries in your free Ward Book (living history/on-line resume).  As a USMA graduate, you are also entitled to a free email address after you activate your free account.   Questions, let me know.  Bill Bahr




From: Bill Bahr
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 12:01 PM
To: USMA 1969
Subject: usma1969: Personal Web Page




FYI, if you're not already aware of it, offers free personal webpages. You can find yours at the "Class/Company Sorts" on our class webpage ( ) or go to and click on your name. For example, here's my personal webpage [includes if in Internet Explorer]:


If you'd like help uploading things to your personal webpage or want to learn how to do it yourself with your webpage software [and you're a member of the USMA Class of 1969], just let me know off-line (click on "reply" -- not "reply all" -- or send me an email at [earlier address changed to wbahr at mail dot com].


Best regards y BOTL,
Bill Bahr




Subsequent Notes on Publishing Options

1. If all you have is text (to include links to videos, eg, youtube inputs which you can easily make with your smartphone camera) and a couple pictures, you can contact and ask them to post what you send them.  Be sure to give them your class and Cullum number in your email.  More likely than not, they can do something like they did for friend and classmate Al Zupsich (see below).  However, west-point.orgís probably pretty busy, so it may take a number of weeks before you see the results.  Youíll also not want to bother them with more than a change or two. 


Note: Before my webpage was published, there were these others:

Tom Bensberg:

Greg Binder:

Al Zupsich:


2.  Again, if all you have is text (to include links to videos, eg, youtube inputs which you can easily make with your smartphone camera) and a couple pictures (something like my webpage) -- and want to move quickly -- and Iím not otherwise busy, youíre welcome to ask for my help.  Email me your material, and, with Microsoft Frontpage software, I can then show you what it might look like as a webpage before it's posted.  Once you like it, I'll get permission from to post and complete the upload using Filezilla File Transfer Protocol software.  Iíll be happy to do this as a classmate courtesy.  Feel free to use this as a dry-run for Jim McDonough's Class Legacy Book (with "March to the Sound of the Guns" theme), but please limit changes.      


3.  If you want to publish a more sophisticated webpage and change it whenever you want, you can hire your own developer or use your own web publishing software.  If the latter is your choice, you may first want to check with your local library's technical staff to see if they have web-publishing software you can use.  However, before you borrow or purchase new web-publishing software, realize that automatic/embedded File Transfer Protocol software will not work for  Instead, youíll need to use something like FileZilla or WinSCP to transfer the webpage you develop to  FileZilla and WinSCP are free for download and available on-line.  You will then also need permission from to publish (in other words, theyíll need to work their software magic to open your file and allow you to upload).  As with any DIY effort, plan for 3x the amount of time you think is "reasonable"!   Once you master the technology, however, youíre on your way!!    : )    


Regardless of which publishing option you choose, kindly let me know that you've published so that I can make a directory of active personal webpages.  Questions, please let me know.  Good luck!   


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