Baltimore Campaign- Army-Navy Football Game December 1944

In our plebe year during WWII, the entire Corps of Cadets boarded Army transport ship, SS Uruguay, at West Point on the Hudson to sail to Baltimore for the 1944 Army-Navy game on 2 December  at Municipal Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Navy was entrusted to guard the voyage in the Atlantic.

With the ritual of cadets forever scheming to steal the Navy goat before the game, and "Sink the Navy" signs and yells in pre-game "festivities,"
the Corps of Cadets and USMA brass perhaps worried lest the Navy sink the Corps enroute!  There were many a sick cadet on that ship.

The game was originally scheduled to be played at Thompson Stadium in Annapolis but was moved to Baltimore to accomodate the demand for tickets and to benefit the War Loan Drive. To qualify to purchase a ticket to the game one had to buy a $25-$1,000 war bond. Over $50 million was raised.  Army won 23-7 for the national championship.

Class of '47 never saw its football team defeated.  Lucky plebes for three years!

To see a video of the game, click here.