Bob Rosen


Col. Norman Robert Rosen, USA (Ret)


The West Point Society of the District of Columbia

2001 Distinguished Member Award is presented to Colonel Norman Robert Rosen, USA (Ret) Class of 1947

Colonel Norman R. Rosen has always been known by his classmates as a hard charging leader, yet always the team player. He began his Army career in the Corps of Engineers; however, his first combat assignment was to participate in an infantry role as a part of the First Marine Division defensive position at the Chosin Reservoir. Despite the disadvantage of commanding a platoon consisting of many recently assigned and relatively untrained KATUSA and American soldiers, the performance of his unit under his dynamic leadership was superb and contributed immeasurably to the successful withdrawal from that advanced position. For this action he was awarded the Silver Star medal. During the remainder of his thirty years of active service, he served with distinction as he advanced through positions of ever-increasing responsibility and challenges. In Vietnam he served as Chief Engineer, Army Construction Agency; Chief of the Lines of Communication Division, MACV; and as Advisor to the Director General of Highways, Republic of Vietnam. While at SHAPE Headquarters, he was instrumental in the successful move of the headquarters from France to Belgium. Most notable was his management of the construction of 1,600 sets of family quarters---a monumental accomplishment without having funds or real authority available to him. Interspersed with these accomplishments were seven years on the Army Staff in the field of research and development, culminating in the position of Commander, Army Research Office and Deputy Director of Army Research. The successes he achieved here have had a profound affect upon the operational capabilities of the Army in the field.

After retirement, Colonel Rosen has made significant contributions to the civilian sector which are having a tremendous impact of lasting duration on the communities in which they are located. As the Bechtel, Inc. Assistant Construction Manager for all system wide activities during the early construction of the Washington, D.C. area Metro System, he was intimately involved in the opening of the first 18 miles and 25 stations of the network. As the Director of Special Projects for the city and county of San Francisco, a crowning achievement was the construction of the underground 650,000 square-foot Moscone Convention Center which was completed on schedule and within budget.

Of special note and acclaim has been the unselfish contribution of his time and talents to the community on a volunteer basis. His dedication and devotion to many causes are legendary. While on active duty, he was one who could always be counted on to organize and supervise various youth programs, religious activities, PTA programs, and civic association proceedings wherever assigned. Upon returning to the Northern Virginia area after a second retirement, he has been extremely active in the construction and operational phase of the Fairfax Retirement Community by providing invaluable advice to the Marriot Corporation regarding design issues, construction scheduling, and quality control. Simultaneously, he has been a stalwart in support of the National Military Family Association. In recognition of his priceless support of that organization, he was selected as the Volunteer of the Year---the first man ever so honored.

Colonel Rosen has made significant contributions to the organizational structure and functioning of the Association of Graduates. He has not only worked closely with the Chairman, AOG, but also served with distinction on the Governance Committee which developed new procedures for ensuring every member receives a ballot to vote as well as revising the composition and tenure in office of the Board of Trustees. Further, he has provided substantial assistance to the AOG staff in revising the by-laws to conform to the membership-approved recommendations of the Governance Committee. His vigorous and incisive leadership in these endeavors has contributed immeasurably to the expanded support the AOG provides to its members.

Colonel Rosen has always been an ardent supporter of Class activities. In 1992, as Class Vice-President, he was one of the principal players in the fund-raising activity to establish an endowment fund for support of the Train Station facility which the class had purchased and presented to the Corps of Cadets at the class's 25th anniversary. The overall effort was a total success with 73% of the class contributing over $280,000. As Class President, Colonel Rosen is once again undertaking to raise in excess of $200,000 to commit as a portion of the total construction cost of a new boathouse to be located near the Train Station Club facility. All evidence points to the early attainment of that goal so that it may be presented to the Superintendent as the 55th anniversary/Bicentennial gift.

In recognition of his long and distinguished service and his many accomplishments after retirement, especially in a volunteer capacity, while displaying outstanding qualities of character and stature which clearly symbolize the highest ideals of West Point, the West Point Society of the District of Columbia is pleased to honor Colonel Norman Robert Rosen, USA (Ret), USMA Class of 1947, with the 2001 Distinguished Member Award.