Susan and Woody

Honorary Member Sherwood Goldberg

At a Washington area Class party on 12 June 2010, Sherwood Goldberg (Woody) was introduced to the Class as an Honorary Member by John Lauterbach.

Woody was on the fringes of the Class for some 30 years because of his close association with Al Haig both on active duty and in the corporate world. Of note, Woody delivered one of the two eulogies at Al's funeral service at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. It was, and still is, a truly inspiring and uplifting message - a most fitting tribute to Al. The eulogy can be read elsewhere on this web page, Here are some of the other things you should know about Woody:

* He was assistant professor at the Academy.
* Is now a civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army.
* Is a noted lecturer and writer on the future of the Army.
* Is Senior Advisor for Asian Affairs at the Center for Naval
* Recently, the recipient of the General Alexander Haig, Jr. 
  Guardian of Liberty Award at the West Point Society of
  Philadelphia Founder's Day Banquet.

In summary, Woody was a valiant soldier, loves the Army and is one of its great supporters, and is a staunch and steadfast patriot. 

John Lauterbach, Bob Rosen and Woody Goldberg