Marriage of "Ike" Ickler

Taken from a letter to Jimmy Johnson, dated Christmas 2010:

Barbara Borgerd and "Ike" Ickler were married in September 18, 2010, in the Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Church.

"We are truly fortunate in finding each other. She and her husband had belonged to the church for thirty-seven years and I belonged for forty-three. So we have many friends in common. Her husband died a year before Mary. Her father was a Methodist minister, she grew up in eastern Ohio and West Virginia and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan. She has a daughter who is a physical therapist in Bend, Oregon, and a son who is a deputy sheriff helicopter pilot currently in the third month of a one year voluntary tour with the National Guard in Iraq.

We are in the process of selling each of our houses and will buy one together in this area. Due to all the procedures involved, we will probably not move until six months from now.

At our wedding, Barb's daughter, brother and daughter-in-law served as attendants. My children John, Nancy and Kurt served as mine. As you might guess from the photo, I am blessed with a beautiful bride, and as you might guess from the picture, she is ten years younger than I am."