Arnold Tucker's Big Day

I thought you might like to share some of the views of my point of contact during the festivities surrounding the installation of Arnold Tucker in the College Football Hall Of Fame.

"Friday morning [17 July,2009] Mr. Tucker and family attended the Brunch and Fashion Show. I shared with those at the brunch how proud the Class of 47 was. I could see how touched he was! After I had said my comments, I asked to stand whereupon all applauded. At that point he gave an impromptu talk which was very well done and made everyone laugh at some of his comments. What a delight! He was the hit of the brunch!

On the 18th, Mr. Tucker's float was the first one to appear in the parade. He was sitting in the front [see picture] and was very proud! He was very impressed by his big 17 on the helmet. Your sign was carried in front of the float. TV read what was on the sign. I am most anxious to see all the the pictures at some point and I will send them to your contact [Jean Sutton] ASAP. A weekend of memories for all and your Class helped make this so special."

The requirement for wording to be placed on a banner to accompany the float, as well as other items, was thrust on me rather late in the build-up to the installation date. What I provided read something like this: Way To Go Mr. Topside Congratulations and Well Done  From your 1947 West Point Classmates.   That was the "sign" in front of the float that was referred to in the above quote. I have been assured that more pictures and other details will be provided later on so that we all will be able to bask in the sunshine of this long awaited honor for Arnold.   STAY TUNED.


John W. Lauterbach