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The intent behind this archive is to assemble on-line, those documents which help to explain how West Point has evolved over the years. There have been many significant changes, and the issues which caused them may not be familiar to graduates from earlier years. There is a good bit of work required to scan these documents into HTML format for the web, but we will progress as we have the capability. Paul Werner '83 is our project manager for this. Should you have a suggestion for additional documents, contact Jack Price to have them considered.

  • Duty, Honor, Country and Too Many Lawyers John Harry Jorgenson, USMA 1967
    Written in 1976 and published in early 1977, this article describes the Honor System as it existed at the time of the Electrical Engineering cheating scandal.
  • Honor System and SOP
    Cadet Honor Committee
    The purpose of this SOP is to serve as the authoritative document on matters relating to the Honor Code, the Honor System, and Honor Committee Procedures.

Cadet Honor Committee
United States Corps of Cadets
West Point, New York 10997
MACC-CPME-H 1 April 1999

"ON HONOR" by Robert Wood Editorial in the "Pointer," 12 April 1929



  • Marshall Brief
    Center for Naval Analysis PowerPoint charts
    A Strategy for a Long Peace Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments A "Quick Look" Assessment 12 Feb 01
  • Response to Admiral Leighton W. Smith, Jr. from Capt. Vernon R. Bush
    RE: 20 July letter to the USNA alumni
  • Retention White Paper (pub. to WP-ORG Nov. 2004)
    Retention of USMA Graduates on Active Duty:
    Should the Association of Graduates Address This Problem?
    by Geoffrey Cheadle
    Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret.)
    Class of 1944
    WORD version
    ADOBE version

Zip self extracting version

  • War on Terrorism
    So, like, what's with this terrorist war thing?
    By Denny Gillem
Morale boosters

The following are presently in the queue with these next up:

Taylor, Maxwell D. Aptitude for the Military Service: A Program of Career Guidance in the Corps of Cadets (West Point, NY: USMA Adjutant General, 1948)

Taylor, Maxwell D. West Point Honor System: Its Objectives and Procedures (West Point, NY: 1957)

Forman, Sidney, "Scandal Among Cadets: An Historical Verdict," > Teacher's College Record (vol. 66, no. 6, March, 1965), 485-491.

United States Military Academy. Institutional Self-Study, 1988-1989: Report to the Commission on Higher Education Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools In Preparation for the 1989 Decennial Reaccreditation (West Point, NY: 1989)

Rogers, Bernard W. Final Report of the West Point Study Group (Washington, D.C.: Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff For Personnel, 1977); reprinted in 1981.

Each copy of Bugle Notes entry on honor (1919 and 1971 completed)


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