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"Many hands make light the work"--so the saying goes. We are thankful to the many graduates who have volunteered and are currently serving as chairs and members of our conference committees. There is still much work to do and we certainly welcome additional volunteers to serve on these committees.

Periodically committee chairs will post a brief overview of current activities. Check here often to see the progress. Even if you are unable to serve on a committee, we value your input and feedback. You can contact committee chairs via the links below.

The following are brief descriptions of mission of the current working committees, as well as the committee contact link.

Organizing Committee: BG Halstead '81 and BG Anne MacDonald '80 will Co-Chair this important conference. Kathi Snook '80 and Ellen Houlihan '82 assist them by serving as co-executive directors for the conference planning and organization. Kathi and Ellen are working to coordinate the efforts of the 21 individuals who serve on the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee consists of the Co-Chairs, Co-Executive Directors, Chairs, and Co-chairs of seven working committees, the USMA and AOG liaisons and representatives from West Point Women. Contact the Organizing Committee.

Administration/Logistics Committee: Co-Chairs: Robbie Williams '85 and Lisa Glen '85

This committee will coordinate all support requirements for the conference. This includes blocking hotel rooms, reserving conference space, arranging everything to do with meals and publishing information for participants on transportation, parking and security at USMA. So far, rooms are being blocked and facilities at Ike Hall reserved. There is still many decisions to make and coordination to be done. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Admin/Logistics Committee.

Audio/Visual Committee: Co-Chairs--Mary Cheyne '93 and Jenn Minus '93

This committee's charge is actually a bit broader than its name indicates. In addition to what might be expected--arranging and managing all aspects of audio/visual support--this committee is building an e-mail/contact database, developing a pre-conference survey from which collected data will be including in a highlight view that will run during the conference, collecting photos for the video, coordinating conference displays and recording of oral histories. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Audio-Visual Committee.

Fund raising/Sponsor Committee: Co-Chairs-Lisa Strine '88 and Deb Van Edelen '92

USMA and AOG are providing significant support to this conference, but fund raising to reduce the costs to participants is imperative. The fund raising/sponsor committee is identifying and soliciting sponsorship from corporations, businesses, professional organizations and individuals. This work is critical to our conference and is currently our top priority. In addition, this committee will explore possible gift ideas to honor women graduates and direct the fund raising efforts to support that gift. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Fundraising/Sponsor Committee.

Memorabilia/Commemoratives Committee: Chair--Carol Barkalow '80

For many of us the wine glasses have broken and the shirts have faded (and shrunk). Maybe its just a coffee mug that you want to use in the privacy of your home or perhaps it's a tote bad that you'll take everywhere! This committee will identify and coordinate the sale of appropriate memorabilia/commemoratives items, and will post items for sale on the website. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Memorabilia/Commemoratives Committee.

Program/Events Committee: Co-Chairs--Kathy Gerstein '80 and Pat Locke '80

This committee is designing and coordinating a conference program that is informative, engaging, relevant and of value to participants, and in keeping with the theme of celebrating 30 years of successful integration of women to USMA. This committee has taken the results of the web-based initial interest survey, and are now structuring a series of presentations in keeping with what the respondents have indicated they want the conference to focus on.  Click here to serve on and/or contact the Program/Events Committee.

Public Relations/Marketing Committee: Co-Chairs--Marene Allison '80 and Sue Filburn '91

Getting the word out and creating a marketing plan for this event will be the first priority of this committee. Work will also include determining VIP/guest lists for conference and events, creating and distributing printed and electronic materials (invitations, announcements, programs, flyers) and coordinating with USMA PAO office for press/media coverage. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Public Relations/Marketing Committee.

Web/Electronic Communications Committee: Chair--Donna McAleer '87

"Wire power is fire power" will certainly be true with this conference --and maybe even "wireless power." This committee has been significantly engaged to get this website up and running. And now, the site cannot be forgotten. This committee will continually work for the next year to keep the site updated and information flowing. Close coordination with all of the working committees with be essential to effective conference communication flow. Click here to serve on and/or contact the Web/Electronic Communications Committee.

USMA Advisor: COL Cindy Jebb '82

USMA Official Liaison/Lead:  Mr. Roy Spells, DOPS Plans Officer

Special Advisor to USMA Superintendent:  COL Jeanette McMahon '83

AOG Liaison: Grace Williamson

West Point Women Representatives: Niave Knell '92 and Nancy Gucwa '80. 

West Point Women is a global network dedicated to providing mentorship, solidarity, education, support, and empowerment to the lives and careers of female West Point graduates.  Members network, form contacts, and work together to pursue a wide range of professional, personal, and philanthropic opportunities. For more information, please visit the website www.westpointwomen.org.  Click here to contact West Point Women.