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(last updated 1/19/06)

27 April 06
Afternoon* Oral History/Photos (voluntary)
1400 hours
Memorial Service at Cadet Chapel
1500-2000 hours
Pre-parade Gathering/Conference Check In at Cullum Hall
Retreat Review in honor of Women Graduates on Parade Field
Post-parade Reception at Cullum Hall
28 April 06
Eisenhower Hall
Continental Breakfast/Check In
USMA Command Information Briefings (Superintendent, Commandant, Dean, ODIA)
Oral History/Photos (voluntary)
Eisenhower Hall
Guest Speaker - BG Anne Macdonald '80, Deputy Director for Operations, National Military Command Center, J-3 The Joint Staff
Eisenhower Hall
Overview/Historical Panel
Scholarly Research Panel
Current Cadets/Early Years Panel
  Pre Dinner
New Arvin Gymnasium/Barracks Tour
Cadet Mess
Guest Speaker - BG Rebecca Halstead '81, Commanding General 3rd Support Command, United States Army Europe and Seventh Army

29 April 06
(optional activities)
Thayer Hall
Continental Breakfast

Oral History/Photos(voluntary)

Breakout Sessions (choose any 3 sessions to attend from the 16 offerings)

1.  From Battalions to Boardrooms:  Leading in the Private Sector

2.  Start Here to Become President:  Leading  and Serving in Government and Politics

3.  In Command of a Brigade and Battalion:  Leading in Uniform

4.  In Command of a Company and Platoon:  Leading in Uniform

1.  Ensuring the Legacy:  Military Recruiting and Training

2.  Making Informed Decisions:  Military Career Choices and Timing

3.  Gender and Diversity:  Current Culture at USMA

4.  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Career:  Current Military Assignment Policies and Practices

1.  Fuel for Your Professional Life:  Effective Networking

2.  Work and Family Balance and Lifestyle

3.  Career Transitions:  On and Off Ramping

4.  Effective Mentoring:  What You Wish You Knew

1.  Women's Physical Health:  Taking Care of Yourself

2.  Women's Emotional Health:  Healing from the Past

3.  Stress?  What Stress?

4.  Women's Fitness:  Now and For Life

USMA and Surrounding Area
Optional Activities (Sandhurst Competition, Corps/Club Squad events, Alumni Team/Club events, socializing, etc.)

*Voluntary Oral History interviews available.  Academy Photo available for photographs of individuals and groups.

Costs: Each conference participant is responsible for lodging and travel to and from West Point (to include to and from airports, train station, etc.). There will be a nominal registration fee for the conference.