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(last updated 04/19/06)

This page is intended to provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding all aspects of the 2006 USMA Women's Conference.


Who is attending the 2006 West Point Women’s Conference?
The target participant audience for this 30 Years Celebration is all USMA Graduates, all current and former USMA Staff & Faculty members and all USMA cadets. Invited speakers and panelists, and guests of the Superintendent and the AOG Chairman will also attend.

Is there a limit to the number of conference participants?

USMA venues have a limit to the number of individuals they can accommodate. Therefore, we encourage all USMA affiliated participants and their guests to register during the early registration period (1/15/06 – 2/15/06). 

Is the conference open to the public? 

No, the conference is not open to the public at this time. The conference is open to all USMA Graduates, all current and former USMA Staff & Faculty members, all USMA cadets, invited speakers and panelists, and guests of the Superintendent and the AOG Chairman. USMA and AOG desire to give priority of registration to our target participant audience. 

What is the appropriate attire for the events? 

In deciding what to pack, we suggest you consider the following: 1) Each day of the conference you are going to end up walking somewhere and 2) West Point is not flat. On the one hand, this is a professional conference and on the other hand, we are not including a formal event. So, we suggest “nice” and comfortable clothing. Some additional helpful clothing information: On Thursday, all participants will attend the reception and the parade (USMA women graduates will constitute the reviewing party at the parade). On Friday, once you arrive at Ike Hall in the morning, plan to be engaged until after dinner in the Mess Hall that evening. Oh, and don’t forget walking up from Ike to the gym for the gym/barracks tour on Friday. On Saturday, we will gather early in Thayer Hall and disperse shortly after noon to watch events on post (Sandhurst, athletic competitions, etc...) So, we suggest  business casual attire.  Comfortable shoes are a must.   Jeans are not allowed in the parade as a member of the reviewing party.

The official guidance for civilian and military attire is as follows:

Non-Active Duty/Civilians

-All Activities - Business Casual  

Active Duty Military

Thursday Parade/Reception

-Reviewing Party (women USMA graduates; VIPs) - Class A or business casual

-Other Active Duty assigned to USMA attending parade - duty uniform

-Other Active Duty attendees - duty uniform or business casual 

Friday Conference and dinner

--Panelists/Speakers - BDU/ACUs

--Attendees - BDU/ACUs or Business Casual 

Saturday Breakout Sessions

--Panelists/Speakers -  BDU/ACU (Sandhurst Day)

--Attendees - BDU/ACU or Business Casual

My kids will be traveling with me. Are there any events where children are welcome? 

USMA affiliated participants may register additional guests who are welcome at all conference activities. There are no concurrent/alternate conference activities planned for guests/children. You best know your child(ren) and we leave the decision to include children in your travel plans totally up to you. Guests (to include children) who accompany you to conference sessions and meals must be registered. There is no reduced registration fee for children.


How much is the registration fee for the conference? 

The registration fee for USMA affiliated participants (USMA Graduates, current and former USMA Staff & Faculty members) is $150. The registration fee for guests is $200. There is no fee for cadet registrants.

Why should I register early? 

Early registration assists the Organizing Committee in planning for the conference. To encourage early registration, there is a discounted early registration fee for USMA affiliated participants and their guests. Additionally, all early USMA affiliated registrants will receive a free West Point Women coin. 

What is included in my registration fee? 

The registration fee includes all meals, all conference sessions and materials, on-USMA transportation (from parking lots to conference site) and a gift bag. As a registered participant, you will receive a Name Badge which is your “ticket” to all conference meals and activities.

Why are the registration fees different for USMA affiliated participants (vs. guests)? 

A portion of the cost for USMA affiliated participants is being subsidized through fundraising and sponsor efforts as part of the official 30 Years Celebration. 

What costs will I incur in attending this conference? 

In addition to the registration fee, you must cover your own travel to and from West Point. You must also make (and pay for) your own lodging arrangements. Once you arrive on West Point, there will be no additional costs to participate in all conference events and activities. Some events, however, may have a cash bar. 

What is the conference refund policy?

Refunds for conference cancellations made on or before 15 April 2006 will be 90% of the registration fee.  Refunds will be 50% of the registration fee for cancellations after 16 April 2006.  A 100% refund will be made if your unit is unexpectedly deployed/called out.

May I bring a guest to one of the conference meals?

As a registered conference attendee, you may bring a guest to the Thursday afternoon pre and post parade receptions and/or the Friday evening conference banquet if you purchase guest meal tickets in advance and not later than 31 March 2006.  To purchase additional meal tickets, please print the guest meal ticket form.  Mail the completed form along with payment to the Association of Graduates. Instructions for completion are on the form.  Guest meal tickets will be placed in the registrant's conference materials packet.


What items will be included in my gift bag? 

All registered participants will receive a commemorative tote bag with event memorabilia and conference “must haves” like a writing pad and pen. The Organizing Committee is very excited about the gifts you will receive in your tote bag (we don’t want to ruin the surprise by telling you all about them now). 

Will I be able to order/purchase West Point memorabilia at the conference? 

You have several options to purchase West Point memorabilia and conference commemorative items. The memorabilia link  on our conference web site will take you directly to the AOG sponsored site that displays, and allows you to order, the various items available (shirts, hats, coins, etc.). You may pick up your items at the conference or have them shipped to your home. You do not have to attend the conference to order conference items. You will also have the opportunity to order any of the conference items on Friday at the AOG Memorabilia display. Additionally, the AOG gift shop in the Herbert Hall Alumni Center will be open on Saturday afternoon for your shopping convenience.


With increased security, how do I get onto West Point? 

Access to West Point has changed significantly in recent years. Please allow extra time to get onto West Point and to your destination. The following describes the current procedures at USMA, but these are subject to change based on the security level at the time of the conference. 
If it hasn’t been that long, or your memory is good, you may recall there are three gates into West Point:  Thayer Gate (by the Hotel Thayer), Stony Lonesome Gate (up top off 9W, behind football field), and Washington Gate (past the golf course on Route 218). Lee Gate is permanently closed.

If you present a DOD identification card AND your vehicle has a DOD sticker, you may enter West Point at any gate through the appropriate marked lane. 

If you do not have DOD indentification AND a DOD sticker, you must enter through Thayer Gate or Stony Lonesome Gate.  To facilitate your entry, please print a graduate access vehicle pass by going to http://www.aogusma.org/.

1.  Select Grads Login.  

2.  Enter your Cullum Number or SSN   

3.  Enter a password

4.  Select Login

The vehicle driver must present valid government issued identification (driver’s license normally), and in some cases all passengers 16 years of age and older must present identification. You must have a specific destination to which you are going (they will know about the conference). Your vehicle is subject to search. 

If you walk onto post, you must present identification and have a specific destination. All individuals 16 years of age and older are required to have in their possession a photo ID to permit entrance through the gates of West Point. 

Where do I park my vehicle once I get to USMA? 

Designated parking areas for the Women's Conference are lots A and B, immediately adjacent to Michie Stadium on Stony Lonesome Road.  Signs will be posted along routes from each of the three gates directing you to these parking areas.  Conference shuttle buses will transport participants to and from the designated parking lot(s) to the conference venues.

Parking at West Point is very tight during the duty day and extremely tight in and around the cadet area. Your vehicle will be ticketed if you park in a restricted parking area.

For more information select parking and shuttle bus schedule.

For a map of West Point select  post map.

How do I travel around while at West Point? 

We request conference participants to park in designated lots and use the conference shuttle. If you need to travel around West Point at a time when our shuttle is not running, there are North and South post shuttle buses that run at 30 minute intervals from 6:30 am – 5:30 pm. These shuttles stop at a multitude of places on West Point to include the following:  intersection of Thayer/Mills, Library Corner, intersection Washington/Ruger (Thayer Statue), Old PX, New Post Exchange/Commissary/Shopette. Check your destination with the bus driver upon entering the bus. 

Will the conference have handicapped parking available? 

Yes, the Provost Marshall’s office will designate limited handicap parking near each conference venue. Please indicate your requirements on your registration form so that we can coordinate appropriate parking for your vehicle. 

Are all of the conference facilities wheel-chair accessible? 

Yes, all conference venues are wheel-chair accessible. All include accessible elevators. Please indicate your requirements on your registration form.


Will the Barracks and other Cadet Facilities be open during the conference?

On Friday afternoon, cadet guides will offer tours of the new Arvin Gymnasium and the Cadet Barracks. Tours will depart from the foyer of the Arvin Gym. Tours will begin shortly after the last panel session in Ike Hall and all tours will be completed prior to the pre-dinner reception in the Cadet Mess. 

Will we be able to shop in the Cadet Book Store? What are its hours of operation? 

The Cadet Book Store, located on the fourth floor of Thayer Hall, is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Will the Herbert Hall Alumni Center and AOG Gift Shop be open during the conference? What are their hours of operation?

Yes, Herbert Hall is open during the work week from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. The AOG Gift shop will offer extended hours during the conference. Their normal hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. On Saturday, 29 April they will also be open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can shop at the AOG Gift Shop before the conference at http://www.westpointgiftstore.com/.

What are the hours of the new Visitors’ Center (outside of Thayer Gate)? And, isn’t the Museum located near the Visitors’ Center?

Both the Visitors’ Center and the West Point Museum are located outside of Thayer Gate. The Visitors’ Center and its Gift Shop are open 9:00 am – 4:45 pm daily. The West Point Museum and the DUSA Gift Shop in the museum are open from 10:30 am – 4:15 pm daily. Both the Museum and the Visitors’ Center are great places to visit. You “old grads” will love the new museum.