Convocation Of The West Point Society Of Yville (13 July 2002) Print

On 13 July a Cocktail was hosted by Nick and Ireide Walker in their home followed by a sumptuous Norman feast prepared by Pascal and Michele Laniepce in Yville sur Siene, Normandy. With this luncheon the West Point Society of Yville was convoked into existence by the acclamation of the Graduates present. Traditionally, a day in Yville has followed the Founders Day Dinner in Paris for the out of town guests who traveled so far to join us. This year the Graduates present were: Burnell '46, MacKenzie '46, Frankland '46, Landis '46, Buck '57, Smith '58, Hruby '58, Boice '63, James '67, Kaufman '68, Selleck '77, Frankland '77, Gelineau '81, Buck '81, Richardson '83, Weliver '85, Mitchell '87, Weliver (Lafreniere)'88, and Boice '88.

This Society "Annex" has only one official event annually on the day following the Founders Day in Paris with its sole purpose being to have a great time of family and friendship -- sufficient food and drink provided -- fun brought by everyone!


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