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St. Cyr Cadets Visit USMA Print

Saint Cyr Cadets Visit USMA (Graduation 2002)

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Army vs St. Cyr Rugby Print

Taken from Army Rugby Alumni Newsletter #032, 09 Apr 2002:

On Monday, 25 March, the Army ruggers took on the French military academy, St. Cyr. The A's won with a 48-12 outcome, while the B's fought hard but narrowly lost 10-15. The next day was spent on a guided tour of Normandy, including the D-Day landing sites at Pointe-du-Hoc, the American WWII Cemetery at Omaha Beach, and the French WWII Museum.

The next day the team moved on to England, and on 28 March, the A's played a semi-professional team from Roslyn Park while the B's took on Oxford University. Both games were played simultaneously under the lights, so substitutions were very limited. The A's played well and adapted quickly to the very different style of play by the British, but lost the match 20-41. The B's fought extremely hard as well and were close to winning on several occasions, but just couldn't put the winning try across in their 14-15 loss.

The ruggers took a day of rest to tour London and Twickenham, the English national rugby team's stadium. Then both sides squared off for very difficult matches against the British Royal Military College at Sandhurst. The A's dominated and led for the majority of the match, but Sandhurst's depth was too much, and in the last 10 minutes fresh players were able to take the game away from Army for a 20-30 defeat. The B's lost as well 0-43.

Although we're sorry we couldn't have posted more wins, the trip was an overall success. It was an excellent opportunity to play against top-notch competition in preparation for the Sweet 16 round of the National Tournament, as well as to visit such amazing sites in France and England.

The team would like to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make the tour possible, especially to the Class of 1975. Everyone who made the trip gained so much from the experience, from increased rugby knowledge to a greater appreciation for other cultures and our country's military history.


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Ambassador's Reception (24 March 2002) Print

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Cadets of all three schools with Ambassador (USMA '65), and Mrs. Moorefield, Mr. (USMA '81) and Mrs. Buck, and Mr. Kent Stiegler (USMA '81), who served as the Ambassador Leach's Action Officer for the event.


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