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Armistice Day (11 November 2002) Print

If you look directly under the flag you will see the West Point exchange cadet representing the US at the French Tomb of the unknown soldier.

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Triomphe Ceremony (20 July 2002) Print

Cadets March At St.-Cyr Graduation



By Andrea Hamburger

Saturday’s Triomphe du Bicentenaire ceremonies at the French military academy St.-Cyr was a fitting end to the Bicentennial Honor Company’s trip to France.

Amid equestrians, fireworks, spotlights, fountains and bands, the cadets marched in several portions of the evening’s performance marking the graduation of the St.-Cyr class of 2002.

"It was very special to see the National colors and those of the Army and West Point march at the beginning of the ceremony," said Brig. Gen. Daniel Kaufman, dean of the academic board. "The cadets’ performance was superb; and I received nothing but accolades from the French Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff and the Army Chief of Staff. The cadets were simply spectacular."

The cadets’ participation in the Triomphe ceremonies honored the bicentennials of both academies. St.-Cyr cadets marched in the West Point graduation parade May 31.

The Triomphe was the second major public event for the 168-cadet contingent. After an enthusiastic reception by thousands at the July 14 Bastille Day parade, they left Paris and traveled to Normandy to visit various D-Day sites. Stops at Pegasus Bridge, Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, Utah Beach and Ste.-Mere Eglise provided the group with a first-hand view of where history was made.

At Pegasus Bridge, Madame Arlette Gondree-Pritchett, the proprietor of Café Gondree, recounted her recollections of June 6, 1944. The cadets joined her in a toast to the friendship between the United States and France.

Also included in the Normandy portion of the trip was a Taps ceremony and wreath laying at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, where more than 9,000 Americans are interred.

Cadet 1st Class Chris Sanchez, said the ceremony was, "one small way of expressing our gratitude for their sacrifice. While we can never fully express our thanks, our being there and paying our respects meant a lot."

The cadets then went to Brittany were St.-Cyr is located. They also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing at the cities of Rennes, St.-Malo and at Mont St.-Michel. Wherever the cadets traveled, they were warmly greeted by the French public.

"It was a great experience," said Sanchez. "I got the opportunity to learn about a different culture and we successfully accomplished the mission of marching in the Bastille Day and the Triomphe. I would gladly do it again."



Bastille Day (14 July 2002) Print

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Convocation Of The West Point Society Of Yville (13 July 2002) Print

On 13 July a Cocktail was hosted by Nick and Ireide Walker in their home followed by a sumptuous Norman feast prepared by Pascal and Michele Laniepce in Yville sur Siene, Normandy. With this luncheon the West Point Society of Yville was convoked into existence by the acclamation of the Graduates present. Traditionally, a day in Yville has followed the Founders Day Dinner in Paris for the out of town guests who traveled so far to join us. This year the Graduates present were: Burnell '46, MacKenzie '46, Frankland '46, Landis '46, Buck '57, Smith '58, Hruby '58, Boice '63, James '67, Kaufman '68, Selleck '77, Frankland '77, Gelineau '81, Buck '81, Richardson '83, Weliver '85, Mitchell '87, Weliver (Lafreniere)'88, and Boice '88.

This Society "Annex" has only one official event annually on the day following the Founders Day in Paris with its sole purpose being to have a great time of family and friendship -- sufficient food and drink provided -- fun brought by everyone!


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